The 10 Best Trailer Locks of 2023

The 10 Best Trailer Locks of 2023

A trailer lock is a device designed to secure a trailer from being towed away by unauthorized individuals. It is typically a heavy-duty lock that attaches to the trailer’s hitch, preventing the hitch from being connected to a towing vehicle. Trailer locks come in various designs and styles, but the most common types are coupler locks, wheel locks, and kingpin locks.

If you own a trailer, the first accessory you want to invest in is a quality trailer hitch lock. Unfortunately, trailers are often sought out by thieves since they’re relatively straightforward to steal and easy to sell once stolen. In addition, stolen trailers have a low rate of being recovered. Even if they are found, there’s a good chance all the stuff stored inside is gone. A trailer lock is a small investment that could potentially save you a lot of headaches and heartache down the road. After all, the money spent on a trailer lock will be less than the cost of replacing a whole trailer.

There are several different types of trailer hitch locks available, and in this article, we’ll take a look at the most popular, bestselling, and cost-efficient products. We’ll also go into detail about why you need a trailer lock, what to look for when shopping for one, and how to choose the right one for your needs.Our product review team has tested and reviewed the top five best trailer hitch locks on the market. We break down everything from fit to durability to give you the most comprehensive review possible. Although many locks act as a preventative measure, no lock is absolutely theft-proof and each has its pros and cons.

#1.REESE Towpower 72783 Coupler Lock


These premium hitch locks for your RV are made with a steel bar and aluminium body. It helps to keep the trailer secure and prevents all kinds of thefts.
Easy to use


Size: 1-⅞”, 2″, 2-5/16″
Color: Yellow
Type: Coupler lock



  • Steel bar and aluminium body.
  • Universal fit.
  • Visible yellow colour.
  • Easy to install.


  • The lock broke for some people when hit by the hammer.

The total distance between the shackle holes of the lock is 4-½ inches if we measure from centre to centre. This ratchet is designed in such a way that it is a universal fit and can be customised according to 11 different positions. It fits all sizes of locks like 1-⅞”, 2″, and 2-5/16″. Further, the bright yellow colour is visible, durable and essential for all kinds of RV.These locks are easy to install and resist drill outs, prying and picking. It guards the RVs when they are parked.

#2.Master Lock – Universal Size Fits 1-7/8″, 2″

Master Lock

The MasterLock Universal 389-DAT offers a universal fit, so this lock pairs with various 1 7/8-, 2.0-, and 2 5/16-inch coupler sizes.
Easy to use


Cost: About $25
Fit: Most 1 7/8-, 2.0-, and 2 5/16-inch couplers
Rust and corrosion-resistant
Bright red deterrent color
Limited lifetime warranty
Can be purchased in one-, three-, or four-pack


Accessibility: Using the provided keys, the 389-DAT opened and closed with little hassle. We had no problems attaching and removing the lock from our trailer coupler. A drawback, however, is the keys to the 389-DAT are not unique, so there is a possibility that a key from another 389-DAT could open your lock.

Fit: The 389-DAT fit snugly to our coupler and required little adjustment to create a sealed lock.

Value: Made with forged steel and chrome, the 389-DAT is made of sturdy materials yet didn’t break the bank.

#3.CURT 23518 Black Trailer Hitch Lock


Curt has come up with a pin lock which is a dependable security system to protect the hitch ball mount and trailer from all kinds of theft.
Easy to use


Size: 2″
Colour: Black
Type: Pin lock



  • Premium-quality steel construction.
  • Barbell-style lock.
  • Watertight cap.
  • Prevents corrosion.


  • Some people felt it was sloppy.

This lock is made of premium-quality steel and is versatile. The versatility is induces with the ⅝-inch diameter of the pin and 2.85 inch of the usable length of the pin. It is the ideal fit for any 2-inch by 2-inch receiver of the hitch. This barbell-style lock is easy to operate and the appearance can deter all the thieves.The components of the lock can be protected from all kinds of elements and has a watertight cap included to prevent corrosion.

#4.Master Lock 377DAT Trailer Hitch Lock


The MasterLock 377-DAT is perfectly designed for easy access and a very tight fit with little adjustments.
Easy to use


Cost: About $30
Fit: Most 1 7/8-, 2.0-, and 2 5/16-inch couplers
Zinc nickel-plated body for reduced rust and corrosion
Front access keyway
Advanced locking mechanism
Limited lifetime warranty


Accessibility: The front access keyway and adjustable locking positions made attaching the device to our trailer no problem. Unfortunately, like the other locks we tested, the 377-DAT can be accessed by anyone who bought the same lock and has keys.

Fit: The adjustable setting on the 377-DAT made securing a tight fit incredibly easy. Once attached properly, we weren’t able to slide the lock around or move it in any way.

Value: The 377-DAT is a bit more expensive than other locks of similar value. Its zinc body may be strong but is more susceptible to wear and tear over time.

#5.Master Lock Receiver Lock

Master Lock

This receiver lock is known to provide added security against theft and deterrence to the thieves while towing the RV.
Easy to use


Size: 1-⅞”, 2″, 2-5/16″
Color: Red
Type: Coupler lock



  • Theft deterrence.
  • Added security.
  • 360-degree rotatable head.
  • Resistant to dust.


  • People had problems with the packaging.

This is a ½-inch trailer hitch pin lock that is rated highly to 3,500 pounds for Class I and II and even highly up to 10,000 for Class III and IV. The locking head features 360-degree rotation which enables the key to face in all directions. Also, the lock mechanism is easy to operate for the user.

The snap-on cover of the lock makes it resistant to dust, dirt and all kinds of weather. The pack also includes one swivel head, two keys and two pins.

#6.Reese Towpower 7088300 Heavy Duty Coupler Lock

Reese Towpower

A popular upgrade to the Reese Towpower Coupler Lock, the Reese Towpower Heavy-Duty Lock adds a few extra features to improve security.
Easy to use


Cost: About $36
Fit: Most 1 7/8-, 2.0-, and 2 5/16-inch couplers
11 adjustable locking positions
Aluminum body and heavy-duty steel lock bar
Bright silver theft-deterrent color
One-year limited warranty


Accessibility: Bolting the Heavy-Duty Lock to our trailer was easy, but removing it proved to be a challenge. The keys got easily jammed and took careful finagling before we could safely remove them without damaging the lock. This lock can also be accessed by anyone who has a key from the same model.

Fit: This lock fit snugly over the receiver and was able to secure a tight fit thanks to its thick steel arm. The hitch ball was still slightly too small.

Value: Its price competes with those of similar locks, but it has an aluminum body that may not hold as well over time. This means the Heavy-Duty lock is also prone to weather damage if not treated properly.

#7.Rhino USA Trailer Hitch Lock

Rhino USA

This is a patented side lock by Rhino is a clever design which has a superior weather-proof seal that protects the keyhole from gunk, mud and dirt.
Easy to use


Size: ⅝”
Color: Black
Type: Pin lock



  • Solid-forged steel construction.
  • Patented design.
  • Weatherproof cap.
  • 5-star experience.


  • People had a problem with durability.

This lock also has a coating which makes it resistant to rust. It is made of solid-forged steel that makes sure that the hitch and trailer is protected from all kinds of theft. This pin lock fits all Class IV and III hitches of 2-inch by 2-inch diameter without any hassle. The patented design has a weatherproof cap which saves the lock from gunk, mud and dirt.

#8.CZC AUTO Black Trailer Hitch Coupler Lock


The CZC AUTO lock comes with a ¼ inch diameter hitch pin lock and a ¾ inch length to suit most trailer couplers.
Easy to use


The CZC AUTO coupler lock is a heavy duty lock, despite its size. This model seems to be the best trailer tongue lock when it comes to corrosion resistance.



  • Comes at a small size for portability
  • Doesn’t rust quickly due to a lack of ferrous metals
  • The round key works smoothly without any hurdles
  • Comes with unique keys to avoid duplication from other people
  • Locks securely into the trailer’s keyhole


  • Slightly annoying to turn the key seven times

This coupler lock is developed from durable steel to withstand prying or any robbery attempts. It feels quite heavy duty and looks neat with its black chrome finish. Additionally, the lock isn’t keyed the same, so you can rest assured that no one can access it.

I tried to test whether this lock is prone to corrosion. Pleasantly, this lock doesn’t contain any ferrous metals because there’s no attraction between the lock and the magnet. Also, I have to appreciate the round key because it’s very robust and works smoothly.

I’ve noticed that the locking bar fits just right to the trailer’s hole. Once the in and the keyhole are aligned, you just turn the key about 5-7 times to close. For me, I find this mechanism better than the ones you need to push to lock.However, this coupler hitch lock takes too long to lock and unlock as you have to turn the key 5-7 times. It’s a bit annoying if you’re in a hurry.

#9.Reese Towpower 7014700 Tow ‘N Store Lock Kit

Reese Towpower

The Reese 7014700 is a good trailer hitch lock set, which includes three devices for easy towing.
Easy to use


Reese 7014700 provides a great value on your money as it offers three locks at a reasonable price. This kit totally improves your security when used all together.



  • Includes three types of locks for higher security level
  • The tongue insert lock fits the tongue pull securely
  • Provides convenience as all locks are keyed similarly
  • The bright yellow color serves as an excellent visual deterrent
  • Comes with a swiveling clip for easy replacement of cotter pins
  • Has a reasonable price and a 1-year warranty


  • The coupler lock and hitch pin are a bit weak

The set consists of a brass coupler lock, a universal coupler lock, and a dual bent pin receiver lock. My favorite is the dual bent pin receiver lock because it fits on my ½-inch receiver very well.The bright yellow color is an excellent idea because it discourages thieves from prying on the receiver lock. Besides, this lock fits nicely on my 2-inch hitch, and it seems sturdy. I think the lock is made of forged steel, which is usually more rigid than steel.

The best part is the kit includes a swiveling clip, so it’s easy to replace the cotter pins. Additionally, this kit offers great value as it provides three types of locks at one price. Best of all, it comes with a one-year warranty for incredible ease of mind, which is a nice upgrade from my Motormic trailer hitch lock pin set.My only dismay is that the coupler lock is a bit flimsy. The hitch pin is also slightly wimpy because it can break with a good hammer.

#10.Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal Dual Purpose Coupler Lock


Trimax has introduced a coupler lock which is designed to provide a 360-degree hardened steel protection for your parked RV.
Easy to use


Size: 1-7/8″, 2″, 2-5/16″
Color: Black
Type: Coupler lock



  • 360-degree hardened steel protection.
  • Double force security.
  • Ballistic grade.
  • Nylon manufactured housing.


  • Poor quality casing.

This lock comes with a large 6-tooth, a hardened ⅝” 16mm and ⅜” double ratchet locking and ½-turn technology so that it ensures that it is not locked in a false way. It has a double force security with an added cable and chain attached to the anchor point. This ballistic grade and attractive nylon manufactured housing protects against the weather and absorbs the hammer blows.There is also a coupler level lock for added protection. It is simple to install. The key hole cover seals out grime and dirt.

What To Know Before Buying Trailer Hitch Locks

Buying a lock for your trailer needs careful consideration because the trailer’s safety depends on that little equipment. It’s not enough to look at the trailer hitch lock at face value. You have to make sure that it fits all your specific needs.

The Different Types Of Trailer Hitch Locks

Like all other products, hitch locks aren’t made the same. They come in various forms, but they serve the same purpose, and that’s to keep your trailer from being stolen. Here are the various trailer locks that you should consider when looking for the right one.

Receiver Hitch Locks

The receiver hitch lock fits crosswise into your towing vehicle’s receiver hole. These locks are perfect for securing your hitch trailers, so they can’t be taken out without a key.Basically, these are metal pins with locks on the edges. Some of these receiver hitch locks have two locks on the side, while others have a crooked end to prevent being pulled out.

Coupler Hitch Locks

With a design that’s similar to a U-lock that you find for bicycle security, coupler locks are popular in preventing unwanted hitching. These locks usually come with a ball and shackle to help secure the hitch over the top. Frequently, the shack is adjustable to make sure that the lock won’t get loose.

Hitch Pin Locks

A trailer hitch pin lock uses the basic spring steel clip to keep the hitch pin secured. However, many models reinforce protection with more developed features. I prefer the basic model because it’s good enough to keep the hitch pin secure and hold up for very long.However, this kind of lock might get taken away easily and reattach to another vehicle. I suggest using a visual deterrent hitch pin lock to deter thieves from messing with your belongings.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Trailer Hitch Locks

The main benefit of a hitch lock is to protect your trailer from thieves when you’re away. A hitch lock binds the receiver and the trailer hitch together. The coupling can only be broken when you unlock it with the designated key.

After you have set this lock onto your trailer, it will be hard for the thief to lift the receiver and run with your trailer. The best locks are even impenetrable from any torture. If you want to ensure that a thief won’t break into your lock, attach a shackle.

Besides security from thieves, a trailer hitch lock also ensures that your coupler latch won’t get dislodge while traveling. It keeps your trailer and tow vehicle from wobbling and creating a rattling noise.However, some locks can get mutilated with the right equipment. Experts can pick on the lock or even beat it with a strong hammer. To achieve the best protection, look for durability and robust locking mechanisms.

What To Look For On A Good Trailer Hitch Lock

Of course, your trailer’s security depends on the hitch lock. To make sure that you have made the right purchase decision, here are certain things that you might want to consider.

Design Fit

For hitch locks, you have to choose between two designs: universal or deadbolt. Universal locks are more versatile as they can fit a variety of coupler styles and brands. These locks often have a metal ball to fit the trailer and a bridge above the ball to keep the equipment securely in place.

Universal locks often fit with coupler sizes 1-⅞”, 2”, and 2-5/16”. These models are perfect if you own multiple trailers or plan to use a different trailer.Also known as deadbolt locks, hitch pins are made in a way that they fit into the coupler’s drilled holes. These locks usually give a tighter fitting than their universal counterparts; hence they’re more famous for RV camping. Since these locks will be bolted onto your coupler, get the exact dimensions.

Locking System

If you want your lock to be impenetrable from picking and prying, look for a lock with a formidable locking system. A barbell locking mechanism makes the lock fit more snugly into your hitch, adding another layer of security. For ease of use, look for a push-button lock mechanism.Some of the best hitch lock systems allow a third-party padlock to provide more flexibility. For example, Blaylock TL-33 enables you to use a padlock to reinforce the lock.

Rubber Lid/Cap

You want your locking mechanism to always perform at its best, or you’ll end up with faulty locking equipment. To protect your locking mechanism, look for a rubber lid to cover the keyhole. The rubber lid will protect the lock from dust, rain, and other elements that might damage the inner parts.


You’ll want the lock to be as robust as possible so that it can endure any hard beating. The best locks are made of hard steel and aluminum. They often have come with a corrosion-resistant zinc or chrome finish to extend the life of the lock.


An effective way to deter a thief from his evil plans is to get a visible trailer hitch lock. Look for bright colors as they’re easily visible, plus they give a nice aesthetic to your trailer. The most popular colors used are yellow and red.


An extended warranty is a great assurance that the lock can last for a long time. The longer the warranty, the more durable a product seems to be. Most hitch locks offer the basic 1-year warranty, while the top-rated ones provide a lifetime warranty.

What is a Hitch or Trailer Lock?

As their name suggests, a hitch or trailer lock is designed to keep your trailer from getting stolen. A hitch lock is a product that keeps your trailer hitch and receiver together, with the lock preventing someone from lifting the receiver. This ensures that a thief isn’t able to unhitch the trailer unless the lock is off.

A trailer lock, also known as a coupler lock, keeps your trailer safe when it’s unhitched from your vehicle. Without a coupler lock, someone can simply drive up to your trailer, hitch it, and drive off. These locks fit over the coupler on the trailer’s tongue, preventing someone from hooking up their vehicle and driving off.

Essentially, a hitch or trailer lock plays the role of an insurance policy. Without one of these locks, a savvy thief can drive off with your trailer in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a lock that will completely prevent a thief from stealing your property if they want it badly enough and have the time to break off the lock. But locks do serve as a deterrent and some may cause enough of a struggle that the thief gives up.

Trailer lock type

Trailer locks come in a variety of types, but some common types include:

  • Hitch lock: This type of lock is designed to fit over the hitch ball of a trailer to prevent someone from hitching the trailer to their vehicle and stealing it.
  • Coupler lock: This type of lock is designed to fit onto the coupler of a trailer, which is the mechanism that attaches the trailer to the towing vehicle. Coupler locks prevent the coupler from being opened, which prevents the trailer from being unhitched.
  • Wheel lock: This type of lock fits onto the wheel of the trailer and prevents it from turning, making it impossible to tow the trailer away.
  • Kingpin lock: This type of lock is designed for fifth-wheel trailers and fits over the kingpin, which is the part that connects the trailer to the towing vehicle.
  • Glad hand lock: This type of lock is used to secure the air brake connections on a trailer, making it impossible for the trailer to be moved without the lock being removed.

The type of trailer lock you need will depend on the type of trailer you have and your specific security needs. It’s important to choose a lock that fits your trailer properly and is made of high-quality materials to ensure it provides the level of security you need.

Advantages and disadvantages of trailer locks

Trailer locks offer several advantages, but they also have some disadvantages. Here are some of the key advantages and disadvantages of trailer locks:


  • Enhanced Security: Trailer locks offer an additional layer of security to protect your trailer from theft. They can help deter thieves and prevent them from hitching or moving your trailer.
  • Cost-Effective: Trailer locks are relatively inexpensive compared to other security measures, such as surveillance cameras or GPS tracking devices.
  • Easy to Install: Most trailer locks are easy to install and use, requiring only basic tools and a few minutes of your time.
  • Versatility: Trailer locks come in various types and designs, allowing you to choose the best lock for your specific trailer and security needs.


  • Limited Protection: While trailer locks can offer enhanced security, they are not foolproof. Determined thieves may be able to bypass or remove the lock, especially if it is of low quality.
  • False Sense of Security: Trailer locks can provide a false sense of security, leading you to believe that your trailer is completely safe from theft. However, it’s important to remember that no security measure can guarantee 100% protection.
  • Inconvenience: Some trailer locks can be inconvenient to use, requiring you to spend extra time hitching and unhitching your trailer. Additionally, some locks may need to be removed before you can tow your trailer, which can be time-consuming.
  • Compatibility: Trailer locks may not be compatible with all types of trailers, and you may need to purchase a specific type of lock for your trailer. Additionally, some locks may not fit properly or may be difficult to use with certain types of trailers.

Buying a Trailer Lock FAQ

What type of trailer lock do I need?

The type of trailer lock you need will depend on the type of trailer you have and your specific security needs. Common types of trailer locks include hitch locks, coupler locks, wheel locks, kingpin locks, and glad hand locks. Consider the type of trailer you have, where it will be stored, and how often you will be using it to determine the best type of lock for your needs.

What features should I look for in a trailer lock?

When choosing a trailer lock, look for one that is made of high-quality materials, is easy to install and use, and fits your trailer properly. Some additional features to look for include a pick-resistant lock mechanism, a visible deterrent, and a tamper-resistant design.

Can trailer locks be bypassed?

While trailer locks can offer enhanced security, determined thieves may be able to bypass or remove the lock, especially if it is of low quality. However, a high-quality trailer lock can make it much more difficult for a thief to steal your trailer and can help deter theft.

How much should I expect to spend on a trailer lock?

Trailer locks can range in price from around $20 to $200 or more, depending on the type, quality, and features. While it’s important to choose a lock that fits your budget, remember that investing in a high-quality lock can provide added peace of mind and protection for your trailer.

Where can I buy a trailer lock?

Trailer locks can be purchased from a variety of retailers, including hardware stores, automotive stores, and online retailers. When shopping for a trailer lock, be sure to choose a reputable retailer and read reviews from other customers to ensure you’re getting a quality product.

What is the best material for the trailer hitch locks?

The best kinds of trailer hitch locks are made of heavy-duty materials like chrome, forged steel, stainless steel or similar metals. They are not easy to break and resists water which makes them durable against corrosion and rust.

What is the difference between a receiver lock and a coupler lock?

The coupler lock attaches to the coupler of the RV and prevents anyone from getting in while the receiver lock attaches it to the receiver and binds it to the tow vehicle so that no one can take the RV. The coupler locks are usually bigger and are useful when the RV is standing alone.

How do I know the perfect hitch lock fit for my RV?

There are several sizes of the hitch lock. For choosing your ideal one, you need to check the specifications of your RV to check if it matches with the lock description.[a]How to Select the Best Trailer Hitch Lock[/a]

Is the trailer hitch lock beneficial?

The trailer hitch locks are among the most economical and easy options to protect your RV from any kinds of theft. Also, the large size of the lock and the complex design will anyway scare most of the thieves.

Can the RV owner drive with the hitch lock attached to the RV?

It is not recommended to drive with the hitch lock as it can interfere with the movement of the RV while driving. Therefore, you must remove it when you are ready to drive.

How Does A Trailer Hitch Lock Work

A trailer hitch lock is used to link your trailer onto your towing vehicle’s receiver. It fits crosswise and slides into the trailer hitch’s designated hole for easy hookup. Once locked in, the pin slips between the trailer tongue and the receiver.

Fundamentally, a lock fits tightly over the hitch ball to prevent the hitch from getting stolen. The coupler’s size should be similar or greater to the hitch ball’s weight capacity to ensure a safe connection between the lock and the hitch ball. Usually, you take off the keyhole’s rubber lid, insert the key, and turn the pin to unlock or lock.

What’s The Best Anti-Theft Lock For Travel Trailers

A hitch coupler lock is the anti-theft lock for travel trailers as it prevents anyone from moving your trailer. There are many hitch coupler lock models, but my favorite is the Reese 72783 because it makes it hard for anyone to pick or damage the lock.

How Do You Lock A Trailer So It Can’t Be Stolen

Double the security and add a hitch pin lock to the existing coupler lock so as tighten the security of your trailer. When parking, consider putting some wheel stabilizers/clamps to keep the tires from moving. A wheel chock lock also helps in keeping your trailer from being stolen.

How Do I Make Sure My Trailer Is Secure

Try putting a security post if your trailer is parked overnight on commercial places besides using hitch locks, wheel locks, and wheel clamps. The said post needs to be installed in concrete to serve as a bollard. When you park your trailer, turn it around the parking spot to deter probable thieves.

Lock the door and keep your valuable possessions safe. Also, consider putting some GPS trackers on your trailer. This device will help you track the trailer’s location on your mobile devices via an app in case your trailer gets stolen.

How To Use A Trailer Hitch Lock

First, insert the key to take off the top bar and open the coupler. Next, put the ball-shaped top inside, then lock it. Finally, place the top bar back on and lock the bar securely.

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