5 Best Trampolines with Basketball Hoops in 2023 (Full Review)

8 Best Trampolines with Basketball Hoops in 2023

Placing a trampoline in your backyard is one of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of screen time of your kids. If you get the best trampoline with basketball hoops, it will glue the kids to this amazing jumping equipment for an extended period. As trampolines that include a hoop, come with an enclosure safety net around the frame, it’s much safer for the kids to enjoy seamless dunking fun on a bouncing surface like the water trampolines.

We understand that choosing the perfect trampoline with a basketball hoop can be tricky, especially considering that not all trampolines have the same level of bounciness in the springs, hold the same weight capacity, or are as sturdy as others.Not to mention the fact that trampoline prices can vary, DRASTICALLY! But we’ve made choosing the perfect trampoline with a basketball hoop simple!

Adults of the family can also join the sport if the trampoline is sturdy enough to be able to handle the weights of larger individuals. Jumping on a trampoline will bring numerous health benefits while doing nothing except having fun on the bouncing mat.

Finding a good deal that ensures safety, has a durable construction, and bounces well, seems quite difficult and time-consuming as there are trampolines of various types. To make things easier, we have come with these top 7 trampolines with a basketball hoop from which you can pick the right one for your kids and family.Trampolines are a lot of fun. Basketball is a lot of fun. Combine the two and you get a really enjoyable way to bounce around and get a little exercise.

It might sound weird if you’ve never seen it before, but trampolines with a basketball hoop have been in existence for quite a while.Bouncing and balling is a great way to enjoy the sport while adding an extra element to feel like you have the jumping ability of the pros.

1.Kangaroo Hoppers 12/14/15 FT Trampoline

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  • Dense mesh safety net
  • Galvanized and rust-free springs
  • Anti-UV polypropylene mat
  • Heavy duty three-step ladder


  • Basketball hoop will be shipped separately

The Kangaroo Hoppers trampoline has all the safety features that meet our stringent guidelines. The safety net is made of a dense mesh material. This will make sure that the entire enclosure is safe for jumping kids. The spring cover pads are wide and neatly cover the frame. You will not notice any gap between the spring pad and the jumping mat. The steel structure is solid and of high quality. This gives the trampoline its durability and stability. The entire steel frame is fully galvanized which prevents rust and corrosion from developing. The springs have a rust-free coating to them. The curvy legs have a unique design which provides excellent stability. The stability of this trampoline will ensure a safe enclosure for your kids to play in.

The mat is made of anti-UV polypropylene material which is not only durable but also gives you a high quality bounce. The high density and wear-resistant mat can withstand high pressures because of its elasticity. It also comes with a heavy duty three-step ladder. Kids will have easy access to get in and get out of the trampoline.This product comes with a one-year limited warranty. Please note that the basketball hoop will be shipped separately.

2.Merax 16 FT Trampoline

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  • Six W-shaped legs for stability
  • Four-step ladder
  • Innovative protective basketball net


  • Comes in three boxes that may not be delivered at the same time

The Merax trampoline features a six-feet height enclosure for extra safety. The overall construction is solid. It has heavy duty steel that is rust-resistant. The six W-shaped legs support the trampoline in its entirety. Ths stability is noticeable in the W-shaped legs even with high impact jumps. There are five poles that are fully padded with foam for impact cushioning. There is one extra thick pole that is UV-proof and supports the enclosure for added safety. The high grade polypropylene mat provides the optimal level of bounce that kids desire.

This trampoline comes with a four-step ladder that is fully galvanized. Access in and out of the trampoline will not be an issue. The flexible jumping map is tightly woven and is attached to 108 trampoline springs. All the gaps are safely covered with durable blue frame pads. This is to prevent hands and feet from being caught in the gaps and in the edges. The basketball hoop comes with an innovative protective net that prevents the ball from getting out of the trampoline enclosure. The rust-proof design ensures durability to withstand inclement weather. It is also advisable to get some wind stakes in order to help stabilize the trampoline when you encounter strong winds.

3.Lovely Snail 5FT Trampoline for Kids

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What we like:

  • Perfect for small children.
  • Safe design that can be used indoors.

What we don’t like:

  • Not as durable as larger trampolines.

If you’re looking for a trampoline with a basketball hoop that is perfect for kids, the Lovely Snail Trampoline is one of the best choices around. It is only 5 feet wide by 5 feet tall and is a perfect way to get the little ones excited about basketball.

4.Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline

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What we like:

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Comes with a ball and pump.

What we don’t like:

  • Not the most durable option.

The Exacme Trampoline is available in several different sizes to suit your preference and even comes with a basketball to match the color of the hoop.

5.Merax 12FT Trampoline

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What we like:

  • 330lb capacity
  • Spring Hook tool included
  • Rust resistant, galvanized steel frame
  • 6 W- Shaped legs for stability
  • Built-in metal hoop

What we don’t like:

  • Purchase did not include a warranty

Our favorite trampoline with a basketball hoop has to be the Merax trampoline with the basketball hoop. While it comes in one color (lime green), Merax provides multiple different square foot options for this round trampoline, including both 12 and 14 feet. As adults, we loved the 14-foot option, in that, it’s quite spacious so more room for backflips!

This model features a 6.5 ft safety net enclosure. The safety net ensures that your child will be jumping in a safe, enclosed space. It also features a built-in metal basketball hoop, which needless to say, only makes trampolining more fun!

As far as safety goes, the Merax trampoline with the Basketball Hoop has 6 W-shaped legs, making it a sturdy and completely safe jumping pad with a basketball hoop!

We were wowed by the impeccable stability of this trampoline. The assembly process was fairly straightforward thanks to the user-friendly instruction manual (included in the packaging). The trampoline came with a life-saver spring hook tool so we didn’t end up hand-pulling the springs during assembly. It took 2 members of our team nearly 2 hours to assemble this trampoline. However, the fun that we had assembling it, was totally worth the time!

The fact that this trampoline has a 330lb capacity makes it perfect for a father-son game of one on one! Another great thing that we loved was the 4 step ladder that was included with this trampoline. This makes it easier for your kids to be able to access the trampoline without your help! Overall, we got arguably the best jumps out of this trampoline.

6.EDGHHG 16 FT Basketball Trampoline Combo

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What we like:

  • 400lb weight capacity
  • High elasticity
  • Built in hoop
  • Steel Ladder included
  • One year warranty
  • Sturdy

What we don’t like:

  • Pricey
  • No basketball provided
  • Net does not include attached strings to secure

EDGHHG 16 FT Trampoline is our pick for the best trampoline with enclosure and the best trampoline with maximum weight capacity! Are you looking to host a trampoline/basketball party? Or do you simply just enjoy the luxury of having a trampoline that can hold multiple people? If so, you may have just found a winner! We’ve selected the 16 FT EDGHHG Trampoline as our Maximum Capacity pick being that it holds a capacity of up to 400lbs of pure awesomeness! Insane huh?

Safety is something that we value here at DadsAgree. There are tons of nice safety features that come with this massive trampoline including a polyethylene woven net that encloses the entire trampoline, leaving no room for gaps. The enclosure net offers a feeling of safety so you and your kids will be able to have fun without having to worry about any safety hazards.

An additional measure of safety is the foam padding covering all 108 springs and the frame of the trampoline. Yes, you read that correctly, 108 springs! Being that there are so many springs, this trampoline will provide you with the highest jumps and can withstand up to 400lbs of weight.

This trampoline is also very durable, in that it’s made with a rust and corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel frame. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the weather ruining the quality of this fine piece of equipment over the years.A heavy duty steel ladder is also included, so your kids will be able to get on the trampoline without your assistance! Another awesome safety feature that we enjoyed was the fact that no additional anchor was necessary.

7.YAKEY Trampoline 10FT

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  • Anti-slip mat
  • Weatherproof mat
  • Stably supported by 108 springs
  • Basketball and pump are included


  • Shipment will arrive in three boxes

The UV-resistant mat is woven and has an anti-slip surface. The vinyl-coated mat is extra thick and durable. It will also last for a long period of time and resist fading. The mat is also weatherproofed so you can leave the trampoline outdoors. All the poles are covered with soft foam padding for impact protection.

This comes with a full-length ladder for convenient entry to the trampoline and ease of exit. You would appreciate the basketball that comes with the package; pump is included. The hoop is stable when hooked properly and can withstand your kids’ slam dunk.As with the other trampolines, you should not drag one side of it when moving the trampoline as it can cause structural damage.

8.JumpKing 10′ x 15′ Rectangular Trampoline

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96 galvanized steel springs, 7″ long & 8 galvanized steel springs, 3.5” long (corners) are located around the outside of the enclosure net keeps children safe from hazardous pinch points and openings

Rust resistant galvanized steel frame with 4 legs and 8 poles

Maximum weight capacity is 220 lbs. or less

Meets or exceeds latest ASTM safety Standard

Best Trampoline with Basketball Hoop: What to Consider in 2023


Trampolines come in a variety of sizes from small ones intended for children to large ones that can provide fun for an entire family. If you are getting a trampoline with a basketball hoop for a small child, let’s say 6 or under, you probably want one that is 5 feet wide with a 5-foot hoop. For kids older than that and for adults, a 12-15 foot wide trampoline with a 12-15 foot high hoop is the best choice.


You will want to choose a trampoline and a hoop that are both made of durable and lasting materials, especially if it is going to be placed outdoors. Most trampolines are designed for outdoor use and are made with durable plastics and metal frames that will not rust, but be sure to check to ensure the one you purchase is made from high-quality materials.


Trampolines can be dangerous so it is important to have safety in mind when purchasing one that has a basketball hoop included. Most of these trampolines with a basketball hoop have a safety net that wraps all the way around the trampoline and that is a highly recommended safety feature. You will also want to make sure that there is ample padding surrounding any springs or posts to prevent and limit any injuries.

How To Set Up A Trampoline With Basketball Goal?

A very important aspect that is often neglected when buying a trampoline with basketball goal is the set up process. I will run through the process with you so that you can get a better idea before you purchase the trampoline.

  • First step is to prepare and condition yourself for assembling the trampoline. Wear comfortable clothes as it will require some effort to install it securely. Your order will likely come in two or three big heavy boxes. The package may come with a screwdriver. If you have a power drill, that would really be helpful to speed up the assembly process.
  • Once you take the pieces out of the box, you will have to lay the curved bars and form them in a ring. You will notice that some of the pieces have a square on it while the others don’t. You have to make sure that the adjacent pieces are alternating between one with a square and one without a square.
  • Next step will be to assemble the legs. When putting the poles, make sure that you align the holes. The bottom pieces should also be lined up and placed on the right spots. Once you have the poles aligned, open the bag of bolts and insert them into the holes. There’s quite a few to go through so a power drill will come in handy in this step.
  • After that, you will have to get the mat or pad out. The most important thing to remember is that there is a warning sign. This will have to face up and should be right in the middle. The next step is to securely attach the springs.
  • After this step, put the outer layer on. This will come with straps and you will have to tie them to the poles. Following that, you will take the bent poles, slip the padding on, and put on the cap. You will then attach this to the net and post. Final step is to close the holes with the caps. Make a final check on the stability and security before getting the kids to hop on the trampoline.

The trampolines that I have reviewed in this article have easy installation steps to follow. You can get help from some family members and turn this into a fun activity. Just make sure not to involve young children.

How To Have Fun With Your Trampoline?

Trampoline with a basketball hoop makes a very fun activity for kids. They will be encouraged to practice diligence and teamwork. Plus, it is a great physical activity for active children. They will enjoy the bouncy feeling and will appreciate the fun jumping without the seriousness of competitive sports. You can create rules for them or the kids can be creative and come up with their own set of rules. This will help develop their creative thinking. There are so many options to play the game even if the kids are not familiar with basketball rules.

Trampolining with a basketball hoop can be a great way for them to discover different moves. Kids learn fast and with the added bounce from a trampoline, they will quickly discover how their bodies react to different surfaces. In addition, they will interact with other kids to score a basket in a friendly manner. It will also be an opportunity for them to make their first slam dunk! This will enrich their childhood and will provide them with memories to look back to when they grow up.

How Trampoline Basketball Hoop Was Introduced

In the past, enthusiastic people would place a regular basketball pole beside their trampoline and enjoy it. This setup was quite risky. Since you may end up standing on the trampoline edge and fall on the ground while trying to basket and dunk. So, there was a high chance of injury. And it was a quite fatal option for the kids.

But with the trampoline basketball hoops and basketball goals, almost all the risks are gone. They are easy to attach, completely detachable, and made from quality soft materials to assure the utmost safety.

Who Should Get a Trampoline Basketball Hoop?

Trampoline basketball hoops and trampolines with basketball goals are a perfect combination for those who are basketball enthusiasts and fond of trampolines. With this combo, they can have double fun and enjoyment at the same time.

Besides, you can keep your kids more active on the trampoline. But never forget to observe them while they are playing on the trampoline with a basketball goal.

Benefits of Top-Rated Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Trampolines with basketball goals and trampoline basketball hoops are worth trying. They have numerous benefits for health,

  • They improve the coordination skill of the kids
  • Improves children’s motor skills
  • Increases the trampoline fun in multiple ways
  • Nurtures the next-generation basketball players

Important Features of the Best Trampoline Basketball Hoop

While you are planning to get a perfect trampoline basketball hoop, you need to check some basic features. They are the following,

Trampoline Basketball Hoop Material

They should be made from soft materials so that players are not injured by any means. Probably, you would like to use the hoop outdoors as well. Therefore, they must be waterproof and UV protected.

Diameter Thickness

Each trampoline basketball hoop has diameter adjustment settings. Some can fit up to 1.5inch thick poles and not more than that. And others have different sizes. So check wisely whether the basketball hoop will fit your trampoline or not.

Completely Detachable

While playing on a trampoline with basketball goals, sometimes you may put much force on the hoop. In that case, you will be injured if the hoop remains in its place. For safety, the hoop must be fully detachable so that you are not injured at all.

The versatility of Trampoline Basketball Hoops

Various trampolines come with various pole types. Some have straight poles; some have curved ones and others come with arch poles. It will be great if your trampoline basketball hoop has the flexibility to be attached to all types of poles. So, check wisely. You can also go for hard-matched options.

Airball Protection and Backboard

Sometimes you will miss dunking and basket. In that case, the ball must remain in the game, otherwise, you have to leave the trampoline again and again to collect the ball. This irritating scenario can be avoided with the airball protection net and larger backboard.

Included Accessories

Almost all the top-quality trampoline basketball hoops come with a basketball and pump. Very few don’t offer them the package. So, go for the extra accessories that are included in the package like trampoline tents. Some product comes with multiple hoops and basketballs.

What is the best material for trampoline basketball hoops?

Ans: It must be soft, UV-protected, and waterproof.

What is the best way to assemble a trampoline basketball goal?

Ans: The best way is to follow the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer in the package.

How to choose the perfect trampoline basketball hoop?

Ans: You should check whether the hoop is attachable with all types of poles or has specific pole options like straight, curved, and arched poles.

Which one is better between indoor and outdoor basketball hoops?

Ans: You should go for the outdoor ones. Since you can use it indoors as well.

Can you attach a basketball hoop to a trampoline?

This trampoline basketball hoop is made with durable materials. It attaches to the trampoline pole using U-bolts. It comes with its own basketball. This trampoline basketball hoop is made with durable materials.

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