9 Best Camera Smart watches of 2023

9 Best Camera Smart watches of 2024

In the category of smart wearables, smartwatches are one of the best gadgets that are widely used, since they are highly functional and always keep the users notified about everything on the phone.With companies like Samsung, VTech, Apple, and others working round the clock to improve smartwatches, users can enjoy a wide range of features from these increasingly slick devices.

These features range from a mic for hands-free calling, sending and receiving messages, audio and video recording, heart-rate monitor and sometimes you may find a camera.The truth is, good smartwatches with cameras are rarely available on the market. The truth is, you won’t find many smartwatches with camera and wifi out there, so we have done the work for you in finding and reviewing them.

If you’re shopping for the best smartwatches with a camera, you need to think about whether or not the watch is truly compatible with your smartphone’s OS. You may be wondering what smartwatches can you reply to texts on, and several of the options in this list can perform this function. While many third-party manufacturers promise that their camera smartwatches work with both Apple and Android devices, functionality can be severely limited for Apple devices.

9 Best Camera Smart watches of 2024:Tested and Reviewed

Likewise, think about the megapixel quality for the camera as this metric can range from 0.3 megapixels to eight or more. Other features like fitness metrics and smart function support for making and receiving calls and texts or controlling features on your smartphone can also impact how reliable and functional your smartwatch will be.

#1.Padgene Bluetooth Smartwatch


Padgene Bluetooth Smartwatch
On the other hand, there are plenty of functions available on this smartwatch such as Pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, sound recorder, alarm clock, anti-lost alert function, etc.


54 inches OLED display
Features a 0.3MP camera
Works using Bluetooth connectivity
Comes with in-built 380mAh battery
Supports TF cards up to 32 GB



  • Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones
  • Highly affordable
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Build quality is average

Well, if you are looking for a smartwatch with a camera, finding a budget-friendly option is slightly hard, but you can definitely consider this option Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch with Camera as it’s quite affordable and has lots of features.

On this smartwatch, you will get a brilliant 1.54 inches OLED display at the front in combination with a 0.3MP camera on top of it. The design of the smartwatch is quite attractive and looks good, even though it’s a very low-priced product. This smartwatch has only Bluetooth as the connectivity option, but it’s good enough as this watch can notify you about all the push messages, and even allows you to make or receive calls also.

Moreover, the smartwatch also accepts up to 32GB TF cards for storage expansion. In terms of battery life, it’s good as it features a 380mAh Lithium-ion battery that takes about 5 hours for a full charge, and lasts for about 180 hours which is equivalent to 4-5 days of usage.

#2.Rainbuvvy 4G Smart Watch


Rainbuvvy 4G Smart Watch
A smartwatch with a front camera that boasts five megapixels that also supports select fitness tracking data and offers up to 32 gigabytes of storage and long battery life.


A common complaint from people who use smartwatches as smartphone replacements is that the case size is so small that anyone with bigger fingers or who needs more screen space struggles to use them.



  • Includes heart rate sensor and monitor
  • 5MP camera
  • 32GB built-in storage


  • Case may be too large for some users

The Refly 4G smartwatch is our top pick because its oversized screen is ideal for people who dislike tiny watch screens. This smartwatch with a front camera also comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity so that you can access functionality even if it’s not tethered to your phone. While it comes with three gigabytes of built-in storage, by adding a SIM SD card, you can expand that to 32 gigabytes.

In terms of the camera, you’ll get a five-megapixel camera for stunning pictures set on a 2.86-inch screen with a 640 by 480 resolution display that is compatible specifically with Android devices. You’ll like that this smartwatch also supports video calls. Although this isn’t the most robust physical activity tracker, you do have access to data that monitors your resting and active heart rates, walking, breathing, and activity levels. This pick supports cell networks from 2G to 4G LTE and promises compatibility with all network frequency bands in North America. And although the brand fails to give an actual time range for battery life, users confirmed that because it has a 2700mAH battery, depending on your usage rates, you should be able to get as much range out of it as a traditional mobile phone.

#3.Le Pan Pro Smart Watch

Le Pan

Le Pan Pro Smart Watch
The smartwatch features a built-in 2.0MP camera with which you can take high-quality pictures by simply pushing buttons on your smartwatch.


You can also access notifications, make and answer calls, text, and monitor your heart rate from the Le Pan pro Smartwatch strapped on your wrist.



  • Supported on both Android and iOS devices
  • Good camera quality for clear snapshots
  • Long battery life with a battery saver function
  • It is somewhat affordable
  • Features GPS tracking and satellite function


  • Nothing yet

The smartwatch features a built-in 2.0MP camera with which you can take high-quality pictures by simply pushing buttons on your smartwatch.

The Le Pan Pro smartwatch is supported by Android and iOS smartphones, so you can easily pair it with any type of phone you have. You can also connect it to Wi-Fi to enable you to browse the internet, use GPS map tracking, voice assistant, satellite positioning, and many other features.You can also access notifications, make and answer calls, text, and monitor your heart rate from the Le Pan pro Smartwatch strapped on your wrist.

#4.STEPFLY Bluetooth Smart Watch


STEPFLY Bluetooth Smart Watch
The build quality of this smartwatch is extremely good, as well as it also looks quite trendy and stylish.


00 inches touchscreen display
Features a 1.3MP camera
Features USB and Bluetooth connectivity
Comes with an in-built 380mAh battery
In-built Sleep Monitor and Pedometer



  • Comfortable for most wrist sizes
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Compatible with all smartphones


  • Battery life could be better

The screen of this smartwatch is 2 inches, which gives you a very nice user experience and allows you to use this watch conveniently. On top of that, this smartwatch also consists of a 1.3MP camera which is located above the screen. If we talk about its features, it has a sleep monitor, pedometer, and also shows you all the notifications that you receive on your smartphone. Apart from that, it has other features like a calorie counter, a sedentary reminder, remote photos, an alarm clock, a two-way anti-lost reminder, etc.

Connecting this smartwatch is pretty simple as it only comes with Bluetooth technology and connects seamlessly with any smartphone. If we talk about its design, the dial looks pretty premium, and the straps are made of Nano TPU85 material which comes with an anti-sweat matte surface treatment. In terms of battery life, this smartwatch has a 380mAh in-built battery which delivers an average usage time of 2 days. In addition, one of the best parts about this smartwatch is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

#5.Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch


Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch
A sleek smart watch with a camera and SIM card slot that is resistant to water splashes, that can make and receive calls and offers expandable storage up to 32 gigabytes.


For people that like a smartwatch with a more upscale vibe, the Padgene DZON is a great choice.



  • Water-resistant for occasional exposure
  • Up to 32GB storage
  • 32GB built-in storage


  • Limited functionality with Apple devices
  • Lower active battery life
  • Doesn’t support direct Bluetooth connection to devices

This smart watch with a camera and SIM card slot is ideal for people who still want to leverage key smart features like answering and making calls or video chat, but don’t want to be tethered to their phone. As is common with many third-party smartwatches with cameras, this pick requires a SIM card to access the phone call features, making it technically compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. However, keep in mind that Apple users might have limited support for features like music controls. Still, you’ll get a watch with expandable storage up to 32 gigabytes with an SD card. And you’ll get simplified fitness tracking for steps, calories, distance, sleep tracking, sedentary notices, and activity minutes.

We like that this pick can also support social media integration for primary platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, and general messaging notification support. You’ll get a 0.3-megapixel camera as well. Even though this isn’t the most robust camera quality for smartwatches with cameras in our guide, this is pretty standard for this product category in general. This is promoted as a smartwatch for kids, but also offers some water resistance. This means it’s safe with an occasional splash or exposure to moisture but not rated for complete submersion. We did note that this pick had a lower active battery life and longer charging time at two to three hours of talk time and requiring three hours to fully charge it. You may be better off with the best smartwatch for business that promises offers up to 12 hours of usage, especially if you’re a power user.

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#6.Rainbuvvy DM101 4G Smart Watch


Rainbuvvy DM101 4G Smart Watch
Although we have already discussed one smartwatch from Refly, the DM101 is an updated version of it and is packed with several new features that you might like to know about.


41 inches touchscreen display
Features 8MP+2MP cameras
Supports Bluetooth, Cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS
Comes with an in-built 2080mAh battery
Has 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM
IP67 Waterproof



  • Large screen size
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices


  • No mention about the warranty

The updated DM101 smartwatch comes with a large screen of 2.41 inches which looks quite attractive and allows the users to have an immersive experience using the smartwatch. Speaking of cameras, this smartwatch carries two cameras, out of which the front camera has an 8MP sensor while the side one has a 2MP sensor. To control this smartwatch from your smartphone, you can download the wiiwatch 2 app from the Play Store on your smartphone and connect the smartwatch to your phone using Bluetooth.

Apart from that, the DM101 smartwatch also supports Wi-Fi, GPS, and also comes with a SIM card slot as well. Thanks to the updated processor, and the combination of 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, the performance of this smartwatch is brilliant and snappy. Moreover, minor water splashes and rain won’t damage this watch as it comes with IP67 waterproof certification. If you are concerned about its battery life, it is equipped with a 2080mAh large battery that has a long-lasting standby time and doesn’t require frequent charging.

#7.Amokeoo Smart Watch


Amokeoo Smart Watch
A smartwatch with a camera and speaker that offers up to three days of battery life on a single charge, phone support, and a waterproof rating for enhanced functionality.


For people who like the idea of showering without having to remove their smartwatches, the Amokeoo smartwatch is a great choice.



  • 3-day battery life
  • Can send and receive calls
  • 16GB built-in memory


  • Limited functionality with Apple devices

This Android and Apple-compatible smartwatch can also be used as a stand-alone phone if you add a SIM card which you’ll need to source independently. We like that this watch charges in a speedy 45 minutes and offer up to three days of battery life, giving it one of the longest battery ranges we found through our research. You’ll get limited social media support for WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook. Another nice feature is the 16 gigabytes of built-in storage capacity.

The Amokeoo smartwatch with a camera and speaker supports making and receiving calls, answering and receiving messages, and music playback controls — although Apple users may have limited functionality for the smart features. The smartphone features a standard 0.3-megapixel built-in camera but also supports remote camera controls for your smartphone or tablet. You also get limited fitness tracking support for steps, sleep, and a sedentary reminder. A nice touch that we liked included the two-way find my device option which lets you find your watch through the phone or your phone through the watch.

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#8.VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2


VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2
this smartwatch is designed for young children aged 4 to 7.


The smartwatch has two cameras to let kids take pictures and make videos as they like. However, the camera is not the only interesting thing about this smartwatch.



  • It is a smartwatch specially designed for use by children
  • Features several fun games for kids to play
  • The watch has both digital and analog displays
  • It comes with two cameras, a voice recorder, a motion sensor, a pedometer, and a micro USB cable.
  • It has a splash-proof exterior.
  • The battery is rechargeable.


  • The memory capacity of the watch is relatively small

If your kid is a tech nerd or one of the cool kids at school, the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch will make a cool gift.This smart watch acts as more than just an accessory, with two cameras to record all your adventures on video. It takes selfies as well.Built for your kid’s entertainment, the Kidizoom DX2 smartwatch comes with an exciting game that creates an awesome gaming experience.

The watch helps your kid learn how to tell time, and its analog faces are customizable. It also features a pedometer and motion-sensor to allow you to enjoy active play challenges.The Kidizoom smartwatch boasts splash-proof exteriors to provide everyday protection against dust, rain and water splashes.

Its inbuilt 256MB memory card won’t save a lot of videos, but you can use a micro USB cable to transfer them to your PC. Additionally, it comes with a solid built-in rechargeable battery that lets your kids have fun all day long.

#9.Little Tikes Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch

Little Tikes

Little Tikes Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch
Next on our list, we have another suitable smartwatch option for kids from Little Tikes. This can be an amazing gift for kids.


Dual built-in cameras to capture videos and photos
Interactive robot with more than 100 expressions
Head-to-head gaming to level up your gaming experience
Built-in pedometer to track steps.
Offers various functions and excellent games
Supports USB connectivity to charge the battery



  • Offers parental controls to set screen time and connectivity.
  • More than 100 expressions to light up the life
  • Motion-activated selfie camera
  • Smartwatch with effective touchscreen, and adjustable wristband
  • USB cable for quick charging and video/photo transferring.


  • Build quality is average.
  • No mention of its warranty.

This Tobi 2 smartwatch from the Little Tikes is an interactive robot watch that let the kid play games head-to-head, and take motion-activated photos with the selfie camera. This cool wristband with LED lights will illuminate and level up your smartwatch that speaks via more than 100 expressions. This smartwatch features a stopwatch, calendar, calculator, timer, reminders, alarm clock, and others.

Coming to the games, it provides different brain, fitness, and arcade games to make your kid learn, move, or get entertained. With its dual built-in camera, the kids can take selfies or film videos. Also, it let you customize the photos with borders and stickers, and store with 512 MB either 30 minutes of video or 3000 photos. Its built-in pedometer will keep track of your kids’ steps, or dance activity game.

It is quite easy to use thanks to its adjustable wristband, touchscreen, built-in rechargeable battery, and a micro USB cable for both charging and transferring videos or photos to your PC/laptop. Its parental controls allow you to set limitations on screen time or wireless connectivity.

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Buying Guide for the Best Camera Smart watches with Camera

We have already discussed some of the best smartwatches with camera options in this article so far. Since all the features about each and every smartwatch are mentioned above, you can easily compare the options and find out which one suits best for you. In case you are a new buyer and are not much aware of the features to check before buying a smartwatch, this buying guide will explain it all to you.

This buying guide is all about the features that a customer should be concerned about, and should not miss out on checking. Hence, you can also use the following factors to compare the smartwatches and pick the best one from the list without any confusion. So, without wasting any time, let’s quickly get to it.

1. Connectivity

One of the most important things that you should be checking on a smartwatch is the connectivity options that are available to use. To connect with the smartphone, most smartwatches use Bluetooth technology as it’s reliable and easy to use.

Apart from Bluetooth, you will find several other connectivity options such as USB and Wi-Fi which are helpful in the case of file transfers. On the other hand, the newer smartwatches are advanced enough to work as a stand-alone smartphone since some of them even come with a TF card and SIM card slot as well.

2. Screen Size

All the smartwatches come with a screen at the front, however, not all of them have the same size. That said, you should be checking the size of the screen as a larger screen will be more easy and convenient to use.

If you don’t like watches with large dials, you can also go with smaller screen size options, which depends on your taste. But, as far as usability is concerned, using a large-sized screen is always a better option to pick. Other than size, you can also check what type of screen is used in the smartwatch. In general, AMOLED and OLED displays are of really good quality as compared to other options.

3. Camera

Since you are here to buy a Smartwatch with a Camera, checking the camera quality is one of the major tasks for you. Although cameras present on smartwatches are not too advanced since fitting a high-end camera in such a small space is quite a difficult task. However, you will still be able to find some decent camera options on smartwatches. To judge the quality of the camera, you can check the megapixels as a 1MP camera will generally perform better than a 0.3MP camera, and will capture pictures in better quality.

4. Battery Life

Since smartwatches are portable devices, they come with in-built rechargeable batteries. Thus, to use the smartwatch regularly, you will also have to keep it charged. Well, charging a smartwatch every day won’t be a convenient experience for you. Thus, it’s better to go for smartwatch options that have a larger-sized battery and offer a battery life that lasts for days.

5. Compatible Operating System

Depending on the smartphone that you are using, you have to purchase a smartwatch accordingly. In case you are an iPhone user, you will only be able to use a smartwatch that’s compatible to work with iOS. In the case of an Android phone, you will have to pick a smartwatch that’s compatible with the Android System. Checking for the system compatibility of a smartwatch is one of the most crucial tasks that you should not be missing out on.

5. Interface

To use the smartwatch, you will be most likely using the screen as almost all smartwatches come with a touchscreen. However, in some cases, some of the smartwatches even come with in-built microphones and support smart assistants like Google Assistant or Siri. Hence, in this way, some smartwatches allow you to control and use it via voice commands as well.

6. Waterproof

For the adventurous people out there, a waterproof smartwatch is going to be the best option. We have covered several smartwatches with cameras in this list that come with waterproof certifications such as IP67 that makes them ideal to survive harsh outdoor conditions as well. In fact, waterproof protection should be available on all watches as there are chances that you might spill water on it accidentally, or get stuck in rain outside, so, there’s less risk of getting the smartwatch damaged.

7. Other Features

As you might already know, smartwatches even have plenty of other interesting features and they serve as an excellent fitness tracker as well. That said, you can also check all such features and find the best one on the basis of their monitoring systems. If you are a fitness enthusiast and like to track your stats, you should get a smartwatch that comes with an in-built pedometer, heart rate monitor, etc. On the other hand, smartwatches also come with in-built GPS that can be helpful if you want to check directions to some place or know about your current location.

8. Warranty

Last but not the least, you should look for the options that come with a warranty. Although most of the smartwatch options that we have mentioned in the list are offered by the best brands in the market, you wouldn’t have to worry about the product’s quality. Yet, as a customer, it’s your duty to know all about the product and have knowledge about its warranty. If the brand offers a warranty for the smartwatch, you can have some extra peace of mind as the brand will fix the problem or send you a replacement watch in case your watch goes defective or stops working for no reason.

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How We Decided

Picking a smartwatch with a camera means you need to prioritize select features over others. To create our guide we looked at the following key aspects — camera quality, OS compatibility, durability, functionality, battery life, ease of use, and design. While all of the picks in our guide pretty much promised to work with both Android and Apple devices, we have to admit that Apple users are going to be frustrated with the smart functionality on all of these third-party smartwatches. So, we recommend Apple users opt for an Apple Watch instead.

Camera quality should be your biggest consideration, and it’s a specification that we prioritized as well. Note though, that there are a lot of smartwatches that support remote camera access to your smartphone. But we specifically focused on watches with a built-in camera. While cheaper camera smartwatches came with a 0.3-megapixel camera, we were able to find models that offered as many as five or eight megapixels. And in some cases, Android users had access to remote camera controls for their smartphones through the watch.

Functionality varied widely between brands but tended to provide similar smart features. These included sending and receiving calls, sending and receiving texts, access to calendars, and managing social media and music controls. Options such as video calls, or remote camera control support tended to be premium functions.

Battery life was another issue where, in general, smartwatches with cameras tended to underperform markedly against a standard smartwatch without a camera. While many brands boasted long standby times, we focused on active use battery life metrics. Under that narrow view, the largest battery life we found was three days — but that would assume that you’re not a power smart feature user.

Most of the brands featured relatively easy-to-use devices although we did include one pick with an intuitive gesture-driven interface. But you’ll want to think about how easily you can navigate through screens or access functions and features. And finally, you should consider the design as some smartwatches are designed to be more stylish whereas others prioritize function.

Pros and Cons of Camera Smartwatches

Here are some potential pros and cons of camera smartwatches:


  • Convenience: Having a camera built into your watch means you always have a way to capture photos and videos on the go, without having to carry a separate device.
  • Versatility: Some camera smartwatches have advanced features such as image stabilization and the ability to edit and share photos and videos directly from the watch, which can be useful for on-the-spot social media updates or for capturing memories during activities such as hiking or traveling.
  • Compatibility: Many camera smartwatches are compatible with both iOS and Android devices, which makes them more accessible to a wider range of users.


  • Limited camera quality: The camera quality of smartwatches is generally lower than that of dedicated cameras or smartphones, due to the smaller size and lower resolution of the sensors.
  • Limited storage: Some camera smartwatches have limited storage for photos and videos, which may not be sufficient for users who want to capture a lot of content.
  • Potential privacy concerns: The ability to take photos and videos from your wrist may raise concerns about invading others’ privacy, especially in situations where it’s not immediately clear that a camera is present.
  • Extra cost: Camera smartwatches are generally more expensive than regular smartwatches, and may not offer as much value for the price if you don’t need or use the camera functionality frequently.

Smartwatches with Camera FAQs

What is a camera smartwatch?

A camera smartwatch is a watch that has a built-in camera and is connected to the internet. It typically has many of the same features as a smartwatch, such as the ability to receive notifications, track fitness activities, and control other devices. The main difference is the addition of a camera, which allows the user to take photos and videos directly from their wrist.

Can I use the camera on my smartwatch to take photos and videos in any situation?

The camera on a smartwatch is generally not as high quality as a dedicated camera or smartphone, and may not perform as well in low light or fast-moving situations. It can be useful for quick, on-the-go shots, but may not be suitable for more demanding photography.

How do I transfer the photos and videos I take with my camera smartwatch to my phone or computer?

Most camera smartwatches allow you to transfer photos and videos to your phone or computer via Bluetooth or a wired connection. You can typically do this by using the companion app for your smartwatch, or by connecting the watch to your computer using a USB cable.

Can I edit the photos and videos I take with my camera smartwatch?

Some camera smartwatches have built-in editing tools that allow you to crop, rotate, or adjust the exposure and color of your photos and videos directly from the watch. Other smartwatches may not have these features, but you can typically transfer the photos and videos to your phone or computer to edit them using a separate app or software.

Can I use the camera on my smartwatch to take photos and videos secretly?

The presence of a camera on a smartwatch may not be immediately obvious to others, which could potentially raise concerns about invading others’ privacy. It’s important to be mindful of this and to respect others’ boundaries when using the camera on your smartwatch.

Can we use a Smartwatch without connecting it to a mobile phone?

Yes, it’s possible to use a smartwatch without connecting it to any smartphone. The watches that come with Wi-Fi connectivity can be used without a smartphone and all the apps on such smartwatches are accessible as long as the Wi-Fi is working. Moreover, some smartwatches even have a SIM card slot, so they can even function as a standalone smartphone too.

What’s the range in which the smartwatch will work with the smartphone?

Typically, most smartwatches use Bluetooth technology to stay connected with the smartphone. Therefore, as long as the watch is in a range that the Bluetooth connection supports, your smartwatch will stay connected with the phone. In general, the latest Bluetooth technologies work best up to a range of 10 meters or 33 feet. So, your smartwatch will work fine if you are within a 10 meters radius from the smartphone.

Can we attend and make phone calls using a smartwatch?

Yes. Most smartwatches that come these days are quite advanced and come with their own in-built microphones. With that said, you can easily answer your phone calls directly using your smartwatch. Apart from that, it is also possible to make calls the same way directly via accessing the phone app from the smartwatch. On the other hand, several smartwatches even have a separate SIM card slot, so they act as a full-fledged phone.

Do any smartwatches have a camera?

Yes, you can find quite a few smartwatches that come with a built-in camera. In some cases, you can do more than take pictures, but also capture video and either store it directly on the smartwatch or sync it with your smartphone and store it there.

Can smartwatches record?

Yes, they can. Not all smartwatches come with a camera or the ability to capture video, but you can find them. And in some cases, you can also find smartwatches with cameras that can double as a body camera.

What can a smartwatch do without a phone?

While the majority of smartwatches are designed to be synced with a phone or tablet, it’s possible to use some smartwatches without syncing them via Bluetooth to a smart device. Smartwatches designed to work as smartphone replacements usually require being set up with your mobile provider on a separate line so that you can send and receive calls and texts without relying on your existing smartphone.

How far can a smartwatch be from a phone?

This depends on whether you’re relying on WiFi, a cellular network, or a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth connections tend to require your smartwatch to be within 30 feet of your phone. In contrast, WiFi and cellular network connections work independently of your phone. As a result, your smartwatch can be anywhere and still maintain text and phone support.

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