The 11 Best Ashtrays of 2023

An ashtray is a compact receptacle specially crafted to hold ashes and cigarette or cigar butts. Typically composed of ceramic or metal, ashtrays serve the purpose of containing ash and cigarette debris, preventing fire hazards that can arise if not disposed of properly.

Ashtrays are commonly spotted in public locations like bars, restaurants, and other areas where smoking is permitted. Additionally, many individuals prefer to have ashtrays in their homes for personal use.

Best Ashtray Buying Guide for 2023:Our first choice

Best ashtrays on AmazonCrystal Glass AshtrayView on Amazon
Ashtray with LidBE SUPPORT Premium Plastic AshtrayView on Amazon
Large AshtrayTHIKPO Car Ashtray with LidView on Amazon
Cute AshtraysTAKAVU Car Ashtray (1-Pack)View on Amazon
Decorative AshtrayWOFO Car Ashtray Smokeless Cigarette AshtraysView on Amazon
  1. Crystal Glass Ashtray
Crystal Glass Ashtray

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A crystal glass ashtray is a beautiful type of ashtray crafted from glass, usually featuring a clear, see-through appearance. The stunning clarity and radiance of crystal glass make it a highly desirable material for ashtrays and other ornamental items. These ashtrays made from crystal glass are frequently used for smoking cigars or cigarettes and can be found in a variety of sizes and styles to cater to diverse preferences and requirements.

This amazing round crystal cigar ashtray is a true delight. Please note that the actual color of the product may differ from the picture due to the various lights and background settings. The ashtray’s creative design is made with transparent crystal texture reinforced glass, which is both beautiful and durable. It features four smoke slots designed to hold cigarettes, which is not only stunning but practical too.

This ashtray is perfect for everyday use, as well as a fantastic gift option for loved ones. It’s ideal for bars, restaurants, cafes, indoor or home decor, and other similar settings. So, if you’re looking for a stylish and functional ashtray that stands out from the rest, this crystal glass ashtray is the perfect choice for you.

2.BE SUPERT Premium Plastic Ashtray

BE SUPERT Premium Plastic Ashtray

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The dual-use grooves design of this ashtray is not only practical, but also very convenient, making it suitable for use in various locations such as patios, homes, offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, hotels, and bars.Measuring 7 inches in diameter and 1.25 inches in height, this ashtray is larger than other ashtrays, which means you can use it for several days without needing to clean it every day.

Crafted from high-quality, durable plastic, this ashtray can withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain, and will not lose its color even when exposed to sunlight.Cleaning this ashtray is also a breeze – simply rinse it with a little soap and water. You can choose to clean it by hand or toss it in the dishwasher for added convenience.

3. THIKPO Car Ashtray with Lid

THIKPO Car Ashtray with Lid

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  • Fire-resistant construction leaves no burn marks
  • 30% more tray capacity than competitors
  • Portable design– use almost anywhere.


  • LED light may not be bright enough

The THIKPO car ashtray could be the solution to all of your smoking needs. It is made of stainless steel, which makes it strong, long-lasting, lightweight, and able to withstand fire. This car ashtray is cleverly designed with a broad plank that allows you to put out your cigarette, a rubber ring on the lid to prevent it from falling off and emitting black smoke, and an LED light to provide added safety, even in the dark.

What we admire about this car ashtray is its detachable tray that can be separated into three parts, making it easy to clean thoroughly. Additionally, because the size of this ashtray is larger than other ashtrays, you can use it to dispose of any small bits of rubbish that might be in your car.

4. TAKAVU Car Ashtray (1-Pack)

TAKAVU Car Ashtray (1-Pack)

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  • Easy-to-carry, nearly universal ashtray
  • LED light for safety in the dark
  • Detachable design makes cleaning effortless


  • Cigarette may fall from the holding slot

If you’re looking for a high-end car ashtray and price isn’t a concern, then the TAKAVU ashtray is definitely worth considering. The external body of this ashtray is made from top-quality acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material, which ensures the ashtray is both durable and lightweight, while also being resistant to corrosion. The ashtray’s internal stainless steel lining ensures it is fire-resistant and sturdy.

The luxurious design of this ashtray includes a cigarette lighter, making lighting up a breeze, and a USB charging port, ensuring speedy charging. The ashtray also features a cigarette butt extinguisher and smoke holes, which help to keep your car smoke-free. This elegant, all-around solid ashtray is an excellent choice for those who want to take their car’s appearance and smoking experience to the next level.

5. WOFO Car Ashtray Smokeless Cigarette Ashtrays

WOFO Car Ashtray Smokeless Cigarette Ashtrays

View on Amazon


  • Cleaning brush included
  • Designed to fit most cup holders
  • 30-degree funnel slides soot into the ashtray


  • It does not come with a lid

The WOFO car ashtray is a simple yet sophisticated option made of high-grade brushed stainless steel. This makes it fire-resistant, sturdy, durable, and effortless to clean. The ashtray has a narrow opening, allowing you to dispose of your cigarette butt without needing to extinguish it yourself, as it will automatically be put out due to a lack of oxygen.

The ashtray’s detachable body design makes cleaning it easy and ensures optimum hygiene. Additionally, the ashtray has an anti-slip base that keeps it securely in place, even when your vehicle is in motion. The company is so confident in their product that they offer a full refund if you’re not satisfied with it, although hopefully, you won’t need to take advantage of this.

6.LAUYOO Vintage Windproof Ashtray

Key Features

  • Premium Zinc alloy construction
  • Dark red and bronze color
  • 5.2 inches tall and 4.2 inches in diameter
  • Vintage style embossing

Up next is an ashtray that is so discreet that it barely looks like one at first glance. In fact, unless you’ve seen it before, no one would think of it as a place to store cigarette ash.

Standing at 5.2 inches tall on a pedestal, this ashtray is more ornate than most purely decorative pieces out there. Its metallic body, combined with an embossed pattern, creates a piece that looks like it belongs in a museum. The dark red and metallic bronze combo only adds to its visual appeal.Despite its elegant appearance, this ashtray is still a practical hidden ashtray. It features a slot for your cigarette and a windproof compartment for ash storage. You can use it for weeks without needing to clean it.

7.K COOL Windproof Ashtray

Key Features

  • Navy blue and gold colors
  • Hidden ash compartment
  • Can be used as a jewelry jar
  • Ideal as a gift

Our final pick is another globe-inspired ashtray that looks like it belongs to a Mughal king. The navy blue and gold color scheme exudes a royal vibe, and the premium metal construction adds the luster that a design like this deserves.

What’s truly remarkable about this ashtray is its price. If someone were to guess its price based solely on the colors and materials used, everyone would estimate a much higher cost than its actual price of $18. Yes, you read that right; it’s that affordable.Even if we disregard the fact that it’s a fully functional ashtray and a good one at that, it’s still worth every penny as a decoration item.

A Buyer’s Guide

Ashtrays are an integral part of smoking. Using an ashtray meant that you were a well-mannered and educated person who understood the importance of cleanliness. This sentiment is still true to some extent. Besides, even if you don’t care what others think of you, using an ashtray will make future cleaning much easier.


Smoking regularly can very quickly coat an entire room in ash and fill its corners with cigarette butts. Cleaning this mess would be an absolute nightmare and take a long time. That is unless you use an ashtray.

Quality ashtrays keep both the ash and the filters in one place. Just dump the ashtray into a trashcan after each smoking session, and you’re done. You can even find ashtrays with hidden windproof compartments, so you don’t have to clean them out very often.


Modern ashtrays are more than just a dedicated bowl for cigarette ash and filters. They often have dedicated slots for paper, lighters, and other necessary materials. Some even come with pointed middles for tapping and scraping. Plus, you can take the lightweight silicone ashtrays with you without worrying about breaking them.


Ashtrays were a massive part of interior decoration back when smoking was more common. That trend has died down a bit, but you can still find ashtrays that look fabulous. You can completely forget about their role as ash disposal bowls, and they become abstract art pieces.

If you do decide to go down this route of ashtrays as décor, you’ll find fantastic options made from metal, glass, silicone, wood, stone, and much more.


Looking for a gift for someone who likes to smoke? If you know the person and know about their other interests, you can give them a themed ashtray. A quality ashtray is a wonderful gift that they will not only appreciate but use regularly.

For example, if you’re looking for an ashtray for a fan of cars, you can find trays in the shape of a car tire or miniature cars with an ashtray integrated into the design.

You can even take this a step further and commission a completely custom ashtray. They will be a lot more expensive than the ones you can find online or in retail stores.

Best Car Ashtrays in 2023

1.Black Smokeless Ashtray


  • Universal design fits most vehicles
  • Heavy-duty material and design
  • Available in packs of one or two


  • The lid can pop out, causing a mess

Some people are very particular when choosing accessories for their car’s interior. If you’re one of these people, then this car ashtray from Custom Accessories might be ideal for you. Its sleek design can fit almost all cup holders, making it a universal product. This car ashtray can eliminate smoke and smell while also preventing all sorts of damage to your car’s interior. The heavy-duty material of the ashtray also ensures that it won’t topple over and burn your vehicle’s carpet, and not only does it keep your car nice and clean but it also levels up the appearance of its interior as well.

2.THIKPO Car Ashtray with Lid


  • Fire-resistant construction leaves no burn marks
  • 30% more tray capacity than competitors
  • Portable design– use almost anywhere.


  • LED light may not be bright enough

This THIKPO car ashtray just might be the solution to all your smoking wants and needs. Its stainless steel body makes the ashtray sturdy, durable, lightweight, and fire-resistant. This intelligently designed car ashtray includes a wide plank to extinguish your cigarette, a rubber ring on the lid to keep it intact and block smoke, and also an LED light to provide more safety, even if you’re in the dark. One thing we love about this car ashtray’s design is that its tray can be detached and separated into three sections, allowing for a thorough cleaning. Since the size of this car ashtray is more significant than other ashtrays, you can also use it to dump any small bits of trash you might find lying around in your car.

3.TAKAVU Car Ashtray


  • Easy-to-carry, nearly universal ashtray
  • LED light for safety in the dark
  • Detachable design makes cleaning effortless


  • Cigarette may fall from the holding slot

If you’re looking for a top-notch car ashtray and aren’t worried about price, then this TAKAVU ashtray is the one for you. The outer body of this large car ashtray is made from high-quality acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material, which makes the ashtray corrosion-resistant, durable, sturdy, and lightweight. This car ashtray’s inner stainless steel lining makes the tray fire-resistant and highly sturdy. Its luxurious design includes a cigarette lighter for easy lightning, a USB charging port for speedy charging, a cigarette butt extinguisher, and smoke holes to keep your car smoke-free. This classy, all-around solid ashtray is a great choice for those who want to go all out and take their car’s appearance– and their smoking– a notch higher.

4.WOFO Car Ashtray Smokeless Cigarette Ashtrays


  • Cleaning brush included
  • Designed to fit most cup holders
  • 30-degree funnel slides soot into the ashtray


  • Does not come with a lid

This simple and subtle WOFO car ashtray is manufactured from high-grade brushed stainless steel, making it fire-resistant, sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. It includes a narrow opening that you can directly throw your cigarette butt into without having to extinguish it yourself, as it will automatically extinguish due to hypoxia (absence of sufficient oxygen). This car ashtray’s detachable body design offers easy cleaning for optimum hygiene, and it also comes with an anti-slip base, ensuring it won’t move around while your vehicle is in motion. The company also offers a full refund if you’re not satisfied with their car ashtray, and hopefully, you won’t need to take advantage of this but it’s nice to have all the same.

Advantages and disadvantages of ashtrays

Ashtrays have both advantages and disadvantages. Some of the main advantages of using an ashtray include:

  • Ashtrays provide a designated place to hold ash and cigarette butts, which can help to prevent them from being discarded on the ground or in other inappropriate places.
  • Ashtrays can help to contain and control fire, reducing the risk of accidental fires or burns.
  • Ashtrays can be made from a variety of materials, such as glass, metal, or ceramic, which allows for a wide range of styles and designs to suit different tastes and preferences.
  • Ashtrays can be used in a variety of settings, such as homes, offices, cars, and outdoor areas, making them a versatile and convenient option for smokers.

Some of the main disadvantages of using an ashtray include:

  • Ashtrays can be a source of pollution and litter, as discarded cigarette butts and ash can be harmful to the environment.
  • Ashtrays can be a source of secondhand smoke, which can be harmful to non-smokers.
  • Ashtrays can be a source of fire and burn hazards, especially if they are not used properly or are placed near flammable materials.
  • Ashtrays can be a source of unpleasant odors, especially if they are not cleaned regularly or are used to hold wet or stale cigarette butts.

Overall, the advantages and disadvantages of using an ashtray will depend on the specific circumstances and how the ashtray is used. It is important to consider these factors and to use ashtrays responsibly in order to minimize any potential negative impacts.

Buyer’s guide for finding a car ashtray

Car ashtrays are designed to clean your car while letting you smoke hassle-free. Car ashtrays are a highly sought-after accessory these days, and because of this, the market is saturated with countless products. This can make picking a great car ashtray challenging, and that’s why we’ve listed essential things you should know and consider when selecting the proper ashtray for your vehicle.

Different types of car ashtrays

Car ashtrays can be divided into two categories:

Open-mouth car ashtrays

An open-mouth car ashtray does not include a separate lid to cover its opening. Instead, it has a funnel design for dusting the soot and extinguishing the cigarette butt. This kind of car ashtray is usually cheaper than ones with lids, but apart from the lack of a cover, it will still perform the same functions as other car ashtrays.

Car ashtrays with lids

A car ashtray with a lid is generally considered more luxurious, as these ashtrays are reinforced with a few features that make it a bit more classy. The lid of most of these ashtrays comes with a blue LED light, offering you extra visibility in the dark, and you can also find some models sporting crystals, rhinestones, or other extravagant styles that add a little bling to the ashtray.

Some car ashtrays with lids include a portable lighter to spark your cigarette. Car ashtrays secured with lids are more expensive than ones without, so you should only opt for one of these if your budget does not limit you.

How to select a car ashtray

Selecting the right car ashtray isn’t a big deal if you know the right way to go about it. Let’s look at a few factors that can lead you to the most promising car ashtray.


If you need a top-notch car ashtray, go for one with a body made of ABS plastic. This material makes the ashtray durable, sturdy, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant, and you should also make sure its interior has a stainless steel lining to resist fire. You can also find some car ashtrays entirely made out of stainless steel, and these ashtrays are not only robust but also impact- and fire-resistant.


Car ashtrays are designed differently to suit different needs. Some car ashtrays come with a removable cigarette lighter attached to the lid, while others are made without a cover. Some “classier” car ashtrays come with add-ons like a blue LED light, a cigarette extinguisher, a cigarette holder, or other non-essential, but still very handy, features. These ashtrays are usually preferred by those who aren’t on a budget, and this is because they can cost a lot. Some car ashtrays even have detachable parts that can make cleaning them an effortless task. Make sure to check the design of the ashtray to know if it suits your wants and needs or not.


Most car ashtrays are crafted to fit almost all cup holder sizes, but you can also find some larger models that can be used as mini trash bins to throw away small bits of trash. Car ashtrays not only serve as an ashtray but can also help pick up the trash, keeping your car clean in more ways than one.

Why you should use a car ashtray

You can use a car ashtray for many purposes. If you’re a smoker, picking one up can eliminate litter and minimize smoke and smell after you finish. Let’s take a detailed look at why you should use a car ashtray.

Keeps your car clean

A car ashtray can first and foremost help keep your car clean. You’ll use it to dust ash and store used cigarette butts, which would otherwise make your car’s interior dirty.

Stops diffusing smoke

When you smoke a cigarette in the car, you know how suffocating it can be for other people traveling with you. A smokeless car ashtray prevents smoke diffusion, keeping the air inside your car as fresh as can be.

Protects the environment

When companies stopped installing car ashtrays in vehicles, people began dusting ash from their car windows and throwing cigarettes into the road. We all know how irresponsible this can be, but to smoke, there’s no alternative. Car ashtrays, though, can provide a permanent solution to this problem.

Mini trash bin

Most car ashtrays have a depth of up to five inches, making them ideal for storing small pieces of trash and keeping your vehicle clean.

Cigarette holder for safety

The top car ashtrays include a cigarette holding slot that helps keep your hands free to concentrate on driving, which can also contribute to your safety. Many high-quality car ashtrays also include a blue LED light for increased visibility while smoking in the dark.

How much do car ashtrays cost?

The cost of a car ashtray can vary depending on factors such as the material it is made from, its size, and any additional features it may have. Some car ashtrays can be purchased for as little as a few dollars, while others may cost significantly more.

It is also possible to find car ashtrays in a wide range of styles and designs, so the price can vary depending on the specific model and brand. In general, it is best to shop around and compare prices from different retailers to find the best deal on a car ashtray.

What Are the Different Types of Ashtrays?

There are a lot of different types of ashtrays out there. However, there is so much variation in designs that their construction material is the only practical way to categorize ashtrays. There is a lot of diversity in that metric, but these are the most famous ones.


Metal ashtrays have two very distinct sides. On the one hand, we have the cheapest ashtrays out there. These are made from a fragile sheet of metal. They are a complete waste of your money. You’re better off using a sheet of Aluminum and making a DIY ashtray from it.

On the other side of the coin are the exceptionally beautiful ashtrays. These ornate ashtrays look like they belong in a history museum or on the side table of a literal king. Their vibrant colors and embossing patterns combine to make something wonderful. You can use these as purely decoration items as well.


Silicone ashtrays are the allrounder of ashtrays. They do everything well but don’t particularly excel at anything. Silicone is easy to mold, so manufacturers create efficient designs with slots for lighters and paper.

As for the aesthetics, these are very polarizing. Some love random colorful vibes, while others detest them.


Glass ashtrays are the most consistently good-looking. Even those made from pure, clear glass in a basic boxy design look good sitting on a living room table. You’ll have a hard time finding a glass ashtray that looks bad.

Then there are fancy glass ashtrays with attractive angular designs and crystal interiors with colorful refractive properties.

Unfortunately, most of these are not suitable ashtrays. They look terrible with even a drop of ash and are easy to break. Plus, their heavyweight makes them a hassle to take with you when moving around the house.


Stone ashtrays are just glass ashtrays but worse. They have the same heavyweight as glass and are highly prone to shattering. But they also lack the shiny appeal of transparent glass.

The only situation where stone ashtrays work well is the outdoors. They fit right in with the natural setting of a backyard.


Resin is mainly used for custom or themed ashtrays. So, if you find an ashtray that looks like a car tire or something, it is highly likely to be made from resin. Resin is incredibly easy to mold and even easier to paint on. Plus, the resin is pretty durable and drop-resistant. That’s why almost all custom ashtrays are made from resin.

How To Clean an Ashtray

To clean an ashtray, follow these steps:

  • Empty the ashtray of any ash or cigarette butts.
  • Rinse the ashtray with warm water to remove any loose debris.
  • If the ashtray is made of glass, metal, or another non-porous material, you can clean it with a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap. Use a soft sponge or cloth to scrub the ashtray, making sure to get into any crevices or corners.
  • If the ashtray is made of a porous material, such as wood or ceramic, you may need to use a different cleaning solution. For wood ashtrays, you can use a mixture of warm water and vinegar to clean and disinfect the surface. For ceramic ashtrays, you can use a mild abrasive cleaner or baking soda and water to remove any stubborn stains.
  • Once the ashtray is clean, rinse it thoroughly with warm water to remove any soap or cleaning solution.
  • Dry the ashtray completely with a soft cloth or towel.
  • If the ashtray has a removable liner or insert, remove it and clean it separately using the same method.

Note: Some ashtrays may be sensitive to certain cleaning agents or methods. If you are unsure of how to clean your ashtray, it is best to check the manufacturer’s instructions or contact the retailer for guidance.


Yes, you can use wood for an ashtray. Wood is a porous material, which means that it can absorb moisture and odors. This can make it an effective material for an ashtray, as it can help to contain and trap the ash and cigarette butts.

However, wood ashtrays may require more frequent cleaning and maintenance than ashtrays made from other materials, such as glass or metal. It is also important to choose a type of wood that is not prone to cracking or splintering, as this can make the ashtray unsafe to use. In general, it is best to choose a wood ashtray that is well-made and has been treated to resist moisture and odors.


There are many alternative options to using an ashtray, such as:

  • Using a small container or can with a lid to hold ash and cigarette butts. This can be made from a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, or ceramic.
  • Using a dedicated ash and butt receptacle. These are typically found outside of buildings and are designed to hold ash and cigarette butts in a safe and contained manner.
  • Using a portable ashtray that can be carried with you. These are often small and compact, and can be easily transported in a pocket or bag.
  • Using a personal ashtray, such as a ring or pendant that can be worn on the finger or around the neck. These are designed to hold a single cigarette and can be used to ash and dispose of the butt in a safe and discreet manner.
  • Using an ash catcher, which is a device that attaches to the end of a cigarette and catches the ash as it is produced. This can help to prevent ash from falling onto clothing or other surfaces, and can make smoking more convenient and mess-free.

Ultimately, the best alternative to using an ashtray will depend on your personal preferences and needs. It is important to choose an option that is safe, convenient, and allows you to dispose of ash and cigarette butts in a responsible manner.


Yes, a silicone ashtray can melt if it is exposed to high temperatures. Silicone is a type of synthetic rubber that is known for its heat resistance and flexibility. However, like all materials, it has its limits. If a silicone ashtray is placed on a surface that is hot enough, it can begin to deform and eventually melt. This is most likely to occur if the ashtray is placed on a direct heat source, such as a stovetop burner or an open flame. To prevent a silicone ashtray from melting, it is important to use it only at safe temperatures and to avoid exposing it to excessive heat.

Benefits of Home Ashtrays

Various designs

Home ashtrays are available in numerous designs and styles. These options allow you to choose the best one that complements your home decor and meets your requirements. You can also customize the ashtray according to your preferences and needs.


Wood, glass, steel, etc., are the types of metals or materials from which ashtrays are made. Each material offers a different and unique texture. These materials are durable and don’t break easily. You can use it for a more extended period.

Keeps the space clean

Home ashtrays are primarily used for ash and keeping cigarette butts in a specific place. If thrown on the floor, these ashes make your place dirty and unhygienic. It is good smoking etiquette to use ashtrays if you are smoking.

Serves various purpose

Ashtrays are also used for other purposes besides ashing and putting cigarette butts. These are great gift solutions. Many people also use them as a piece of home decor. There is a diverse range of options for you to choose from for gifting and home decor.

Factors to be considered before buying Home Ashtrays

The capacity of the ashtray

The number of smokers in the area will generate a given volume of cigarette trash, necessitating the use of a specific size and frequency of maintenance outdoor cigarette receptacle. On the other hand, an underutilized and overly large ashtray may have smoke sitting in it for months, generating a stale cigarette odor that may annoy certain visitors and residents.


Ashtrays are a kind of aesthetic piece. You should go for the one that has a shiny and stylish appearance that suits your needs and complements your home decor. You can also search and see some of the designs online for reference.

Easy to clean and maintain

Choosing a home ashtray that is easy to clean and maintain is advised. If the tray is easy to clean, you tend to clean it more often. Cleaning an ashtray should not be a task for you; all you should do is pick up the tray, throw the waste in the bin, and wash it.


Choosing a material or metal that is durable is a good option. Purchasing durable items is cost-effective because they last for a more extended period. You don’t have to spend the money on the same goods again and again.


Home ashtrays are a fairly common item found in many homes and often serve a specific purpose. Some are used to dispose of cigarette butts, while others are used to hold matches to light up a fire. Regardless of what purpose they may serve, we can all agree that having a home ashtray is a good idea. To know more about home ashtrays, read our featured section. It has some fantastic recommendations. These recommendations are enlisted based on demand, popularity, and reviews. Don’t forget to check it out.

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