Best pyrowizard electronic flash wand Review

Best pyrowizard electronic flash wand Review

The Pyrowizard™ Flash Wand is battery-operated and quite impressive! At any time during your act you can pick up your wand and shoot fire across the stage that will burst in midair.

Reloading is simple, nothing to take apart. Beautifully made with a no-scratch finish. Shoots 10 – 15 feet. Requires Pyrowizard™ Flash Paper, Pyrowizard™ Flash Cotton, and one AA alkaline battery (not included).

pyrowizard electronic flash wand

Best pyrowizard electronic flash wand Review

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A Pyrowizard Flash Wand Can Throw Fireballs Up To 15 Feet!

Pyrowizard is a popular, well-designed line of pyrotechnics props offered through Theatre FX. This particular Electronic Flash Wand is designed to be dual purpose. On it’s own it can shoot a spectacular ball of flame up to 15 feet. It then bursts in dramatic flair. It resets quickly for multiple uses in the same performance.

You can even use this effect as a visual flair or to misdirect the audience while you reset another trick. With practice you can also use it to ignite other effects from the Pyrowizard lineup.

A Versatile Electric Flash Wand

To properly execute the visual fire effects of this electric you will need Pyrowizard™ Flash Paper, Pyrowizard™ Flash Cotton, and a single AA alkaline battery, which are not included in the original purchase. You also need to be 18 years of age to order.

With practice you can use this electronic flash wand to ignite other pyrotechnic effects. You can also add sparkle powder to further punch up the visual drama of each fireball.

The Pyrowizard™ Electronic Flash Gun is small enough to conceal in your hand, yet creates an effect large enough to astound everyone. It shoots a ball of fire 10-15 feet! The gun is easy to load and use, and comes with complete instructions. No special skill or practice is required. The shooting fireball appears to have been launched from your outstretched fingers.

This Kit contains our extremely popular Pyrowizard™ Electronic Flash Gun, plus enough Pyrowizard™ Flash Paper and Pyrowizard™ Flash Cotton to fire it 16 times. A spare 1.5V Glo-plug is also included. Contents are packed in an attractive clear acrylic box for storage and display. Makes a unique, fun gift for any responsible adult.

PLEASE NOTE: This product produces REAL fire, and as such it must be used responsibly. This is meant to be used by trained professionals with all necessary safety measures in place. Not to be sold to anyone under 21 years of age.

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