How do I choose football gloves?

How do I choose football gloves?

If you’re a running back or an offensive lineman looking for better control and hand protection, football gloves can be the solution. Nowadays, football gloves are a must-have accessory for serious players, especially receivers, linemen, linebackers and running backs. They improve a player’s performance by increasing efficiency and providing a better grip on the ball. Therefore, investing in a good pair of gloves is essential for any football player. However, choosing the right pair can be daunting with the wide variety of soccer gloves on the market. Below is some basic information about soccer gloves that can help you decide which glove to buy:

  • Upper material of the glove: most soccer gloves have an upper material made of leather, spandex or synthetic leather. Leather is a durable and flexible material that allows breathability and a comfortable feel. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, are cheaper than leather but less comfortable, flexible and durable. Stretchable materials, like spandex, offer maximum flexibility.
  • Glove Material: The material of a glove’s palm has a big impact on performance. Latex and cabatta leather are two popular materials for soccer glove palms. Cabatta leather is thin and treated with chemicals that increase tackiness and provide better ball adhesion. It is soft, flexible and durable. Latex, however, offers the best fit and flexibility for the game of soccer, as well as excellent ball adhesion and tackiness. The only drawback is that latex can be slippery in wet weather.
  • Playing position: different football gloves are suitable for different playing positions. For example, a lineman’s glove should be heavily padded on the top and wrist, while a linebacker needs a heavily padded but flexible and soft glove with a tacky palm. Running backs and receivers benefit from soft and flexible gloves with a sticky palm. Defensive backs need gloves with the same characteristics and padding in the upper area.

Football gloves are needed for better performance and grip, especially for receivers, linemen, linebackers and running backs. When buying football gloves, pay attention to the material of the top of the glove, the material of the palm and the playing position to choose the right pair for you.

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Types of Football Gloves

There are several types of soccer gloves, each with unique features and specifications to suit different positions and playing styles. Here are some of the common types of soccer gloves:

  • Receiver Gloves: these gloves are designed for wide receivers and tight ends to help them catch the ball more easily. They are lightweight, flexible and have a sticky palm that provides a better grip on the ball. Receiver gloves have extra padding on the fingers and backhand to protect them from hits and tackles.
  • Lineman Gloves: These gloves are designed specifically for lineman and defensive players who need extra protection and grip when blocking and tackling. They are more padded on the top and wrist to prevent injuries and abrasions. The palms of lineman gloves are made of a thicker and more durable material to better grip the ball.
  • Running Back Gloves: Running back gloves have similar features to receiver gloves, but have additional padding on the palm and fingers to protect against tackles and hits. The gloves are lightweight, flexible and have a sticky palm to improve grip and control.
  • Quarterback Gloves: quarterback gloves are designed specifically for quarterbacks to help them grip the ball well when throwing. They are lightweight, breathable and have a sticky palm that improves grip and control. These gloves tend to be thinner and less padded than other football gloves for better sensitivity and feel.
  • Cold Weather Gloves: these gloves are designed to keep players’ hands warm and dry in cold weather. They feature extra insulation, water-repellent or waterproof materials, and an extended cuff that covers the wrist and forearm for added warmth and protection.

There are different types of soccer gloves that are designed to meet the specific needs of each position and style of play. Choosing the right gloves can greatly improve a player’s performance, grip and protection on the field.


Most football gloves have some kind of ventilation. This can help keep your hands dry, cool and comfortable. Look for gloves that have a ventilated back and mesh between the fingers or around the knuckles. At the most intense moments of a game, sweaty palms might be the difference between making a play or not.

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The glove’s material is also important. You want the material to be stretchable and synthetic. Your glove should also come in a seamless or reinforced-seam pattern. This should allow a better fit. It also can provide increased durability when exposed to inclement weather.

What are the differences between lineman and receivers football gloves?

Football gloves improve your performance on the gridiron by protecting your hands and giving you extra grip to control the ball. Depending on your needs on the field, your gloves should offer either more protection or more grip, as well as other variables, such as weight, flexibility, and fit.

Receivers Gloves – Receivers and running backs need to control and hold onto the ball, while remaining light and agile through traffic. Gloves designed for these players feature:

  • Enhanced palm grip
  • Extended tack from the palm, around the fingers, and up the thumb
  • Light padding on the back hand to protect from impact
  • Lightweight, flexible construction

Lineman Gloves – Lineman take the hardest hits on the field, so their gloves are built tough, to protect their hands and fingers from damage, abrasion, and hyperextension. Most lineman gloves feature:

  • Rigid frames and finger stays to prevent fingers from bending back when holding back the other line
  • Heavier, more durable materials than receiver gloves, to withstand more abuse
  • Little to no tackiness in the palm
  • Improved palm and backhand padding, to protect from impacts

What features should I look for in my next pair of football gloves?

Advanced football gloves provide a variety of added features and benefits to protect the hand, improve comfort, and enhance performance. You?ll find a lot of the following features in advanced gloves from the most trusted brands in the game:

  • Added Ventilation – Modern football gloves utilize mesh between the fingers, and ventilated backhands to improve air flow, dump hot air, and generally keep the hands cool, dry, and comfortable.
  • Padding – Lightweight, flexible foam padding in the backhand and palm are typical in advanced lineman gloves, and help soften impacts to protect the hand.
  • High Quality Materials – Great football gloves utilize high-quality materials to perform in all weather conditions. Their improved strength keeps them functioning season after season. Look for stretchable, synthetic materials with seamless or reinforced seamed construction.
  • Aggressive Style – The latest football gloves are coming out in incredible cool, aggressive styles and colors, with interesting palm configurations. Style is always an important factor, because when you look good, you play good!

How to Choose the Best Football Gloves

How do I know what size football gloves to buy?

To determine your football glove size, measure the circumference of your hand by wrapping a measuring tape snug around your knuckles. Once done, locate your measurement in the men’s or youth size chart to find your correct football glove size.

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How do you pick a glove size?

To find out your glove size, measure (in inches) around your hand with a tape measure across your palm. You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.

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