The 7 Best 20 inch Chainsaws of 2023

The 7 Best 20 inch Chainsaws of 2023

A 20-inch chainsaw is a powerful tool that is typically used for heavy-duty cutting tasks, such as felling large trees, cutting firewood, and clearing land. The 20-inch length refers to the size of the guide bar, which is the part of the chainsaw that extends out from the housing and holds the cutting chain.

Considering that there are a thousand different models of chainsaws out there, shopping for a chainsaw can be quite tricky. Any chainsaw won’t work for everyone. They all have different capabilities and features and are also designed for specific types of jobs, like general maintenance and commercial tasks.

If you plan to use a chainsaw regularly for large, heavy-duty jobs, you’ll need to upgrade from the cutting power of a 14- or 16-inch chainsaw to the big leagues. Perfect for cutting through large diameter logs and branches, a 20-inch chainsaw can be an incredibly useful tool for anyone living on a ranch or in a rural area.

#1.Husqvarna 120 Mark II 16 in. Gas Chainsaws


Husqvarna 120 Mark II 16 in. Gas Chainsaws
I usually like the machines that are the jack of all trades and Husqvarna 120 Mark II ticks all the requirements of being an all-rounder option.
Value for money
Light weight
Easy to use


There is a reason why I’ve put the 120 Mark II model of Husqvarna above all and it comes down to the fact that it’s an “All Rounder Chainsaw”.



  • Compact and lightweight gas power tool.
  • Powerful 32.22 cc engine cuts small and medium trees easily.
  • Easily transportable from one place to another.
  • X-Torque technology reduces gas emissions.
  • Durable and reliable power tool for homeowners.
  • An All Rounder option.


  • Not as eco-friendly as electric type.
  • Takes a lot of time to start.

Whether it’s the power, compactness, durability, ease of use, or easy handling, you can expect them all in the latest Husqvarna 120 Mark II. Besides, unlike the expensive 455 or 460 Rancher models, 120 Mark II is priced at no more than 300 bucks, which makes it the best chainsaw there is in the market.

Let’s quickly get started with some of its technical features and benefits:

Talking of its immense power, the machine offers 2.1HP power, which helped me cut medium-sized trees like a piece of cake. Thanks to its 32.22 cc gas engine, I was also able to cut firewood and large logs into lumber.Considering my age, I do not like machines that are too much heavy to handle. For that specific reason, I love the 120 Mark II as it has a lightweight design and it doesn’t weigh more than 4.22 pounds. It will surely be easy for you to carry it around from place to place.

You can also expect almost all safety features intact in the best-rated chainsaw. For instance, the safety chain brake as well as the ergonomic grip handle can help you enjoy all your woodcutting tasks without worrying much about any injury.

The brand offers this tool with a 16” long bar, which means it can penetrate deep wood logs and trunks like a charm. For reference, I’ve cut down thick logs of 14” with it and the tool never got stuck even once.One of the downsides that I’ve felt with the 120 Mark II is that even with X-Torque, the gas emissions can still make you cough, just a pun though. Besides, it takes a lot of time to start and this is where I would give an edge to electric and battery chainsaws.

#2.Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

Poulan Pro

Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw
When I hear the name Poulan Pro, what comes to mind is innovation and quality.
Value for money
Light weight
Easy to use


Best For: Firewood cutting
Power Source: Gas Powered
Engine: 50cc
Weight: 17 Pounds
Key Features: Tank Capacity 0.9 Pounds



  • Tool-free service access
  • Comes with a protective case


  • Relatively heavy
  • Flimsy bar and chain

The Poulan Pro PR5020 is a versatile chainsaw that can be used for light- and heavy-duty jobs by both homeowners and commercial business owners. With its size, it is capable of handling heavy timber work, property cleanup jobs and firewood cutting.

It is powered by a 50cc 2-cycle engine, which requires a gas/oil mixture to function. The 50cc displacement is powerful, and is popularly regarded as the starting point for a professional-grade experience.It’s quite heavy, so it’s not recommended for extensive limbing, but it can be used extensively for cutting trees or firewood, and for other cutting tasks around the yard.

The chainsaw features Poulan Pro’s own OxyPower Engine design, which allows for reduced fuel consumption and reduction in emissions. Poulan Pro claims that the chainsaw uses 20% less fuel for the same runtime and produces 70% fewer emissions than most gas saws.The Poulan Pro PR5020 also features an effortless pull starting system. This new system reduces the pull force by 30% compared to earlier models.

Basic chainsaw maintenance such as air filter cleaning and spark plug access can be done easily without the use of special tools. Also, the chain tensioner is located in a place where you can easily make adjustments to your chainsaw and continue your work.The Poulan Pro PR5020 is equipped with a clean air filter system to prevent debris and dirt from getting into the engine, while allowing clean air to get to the engine for improved performance.

Another feature of the PR5020 is the reduced vibration handle for reduced stress when operating the saw. It also allows you to make straighter cuts and control the tool properly.The Poulan Pro PR5020 is a medium-duty saw that is suitable for everyday use. It is perfect for tasks such as cutting wood, clearing logs and lopping limbs. It can give you many years of quality service if it is properly maintained.

#3.Chain Saw, Gas, 20 in. Bar, 59.8cc


Chain Saw, Gas, 20 in. Bar, 59.8cc
They are known for their high-end products and innovative approach to taking advantage of technological progress and making first-rate ergonomically-designed equipment.
Value for money
Light weight
Easy to use


Weight: 0.28 Grams
Horsepower: 3.9
Power Source: gas powered



  • Super powerful and smooth-cutting;
  • Streamlined design and excellent balance;
  • Vibration-resistant technology is very effective;
  • An excellent choice for busy DIY enthusiasts;
  • Great value for the money.


  • Guard is prone to cracking over time.

Concerning the Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf gas-powered chainsaw, this pro-grade tool is perfect for an active homeowner, farmer, or rancher who’s very much into their multiple DIY projects. It’s excellently made, as well as effortless in setup, use, and maintenance. The robust 59.8 cc engine of this beast is among the largest made by Echo. And the thing does not vibrate much due to the built-in vibration-proof technology.

This chainsaw starts and runs every time you need it. If you’ve read the reviews online, you’re probably aware that the machine flaunts a top-notch super-effective air filter. I’ve test-driven this baby by cutting oak with it for several hours. And the air filter still looked like it was brand new. So yep, the air filtering system is very good, which significantly increases the machine’s engine life. Accessing the spark plug and the air filter is a no-tools-necessary procedure.

#4.WORX WG322 20V Power Share 10″


WORX WG322 20V Power Share 10
What it’s designed for is to prune trees maintain a backyard or maybe cut small branches or trim hedges. The WG322 is a mini power tool that I adore a lot for its robust design.
Value for money
Light weight
Easy to use


Compactness, lightweight design, built-in safety features, and ease of use are some of the reasons to consider this amazing power tool. The price isn’t too much either. So, get it before it’s too late.



  • 5 ft/s fast chain speed for clean cuts.
  • Small machine weighing barely 6.19 pounds.
  • Reliable option for older people as it’s easy to use.
  • Automatic chain adjustment via knob.
  • 10” bar can help cut small wood logs easily.
  • Perfect for maintenance of yards and gardens.


  • Works only with Worx original batteries.
  • Battery drainage would bother you sometimes.

The bar length is only 10” and that means you cannot go deeper than an 8” thick wood log. If you are still adamant about cutting a medium-sized log, better try cutting half of it from above and half of it from the bottom with the WG322.Fast and powerful, the 20V small chainsaw offers a 3.1HP power that ensures clean cuts without any stoppage issues. What’s even better is that the chainsaw could also be used for carving wood into different shapes including bears, roosters, hawks, etc.

Worried about the chain tensioning every time you want to do some maintenance job on your lawn? The Worx battery chainsaw takes care of that with its automatic chain tensioning system. The black knob available on the tool can be used for adjusting the tension as per your will and wish.

Automatic oiler is also included, which I think can keep the users away from worrying about chain and bar lubrication again and again.Even with such a small design, Worx has added all safety features into its WG322 including the safety brake as well as an easy-to-handle grip.Cut the long story short, I’ve used the WG322 many times and although it cannot match the power of gas tools that I tested, it’s still better than many other cordless saws available on the market.

#5.Hitachi CS51EAP 50.1CC 20-Inch


Hitachi CS51EAP 50.1CC 20-Inch
The Hitachi CS51EAP is a professional grade Chainsaw capable of handling heavy-duty jobs. It consumes less fuel than most chainsaws of a similar size. It’s also very easy to use.
Value for money
Light weight
Easy to use


Best For: Heavy-duty jobs
Power Source: Gas Powered
Engine: 50.1cc
Weight: 17.64 pounds
Key Features: Adjustable Chain Oiler



  • 7-year consumer warranty
  • Adjustable and automatic oiling system
  • Good for homeowners


  • Frequent maintenance is needed
  • No proper oil indication system

It is powered by a 50.1cc PureFire engine, which makes the chainsaw very powerful considering the power source. Features such as bumper chain brakes and a sprocket nose bar allow for easier and straighter cuts.

A notable feature found on the CS51EAP is the decompression valve. Although it’s a common feature in high-end saws, it’s not commonly seen on chainsaws at this price point. It helps when restarting the chainsaw.The CS51EAP also comes with a primer bulb and auto return choke. These features also help when restarting the chainsaw and with flooding issues. The automatic chain oiler is adjustable to keep the chain and bar in good working condition.

It uses a steel spring type anti-vibration system, which absorbs most of the vibration during use to reduce the stress on the operator’s arms. However, there have been complaints about problems with the anti-vibration system.In general, the Hitachi CS51EAP is a good saw for light-duty and slightly heavy-duty tasks. It’s not the best chainsaw out there, but it is powerful enough to handle simple tasks.

#6.Greenworks 40V 12″ Chainsaw


Greenworks 40V 12
A real powerful tool to have for your cutting tasks to be made simpler and easier.
Value for money
Light weight
Easy to use


You have got the luxury of cordless operation and on a single charge, you can perform 75 cuts. A 40 V GMax battery delivers ultra-reliable performance with no power fading occurrence as the charging declines.



  • Commendable power during the entire run time
  • Comes with Auto oiling accessory
  • Instant electric start
  • No tools required for chain tensioning


  • Delicate handling of the chain wheel

This Greenworks chainsaw machine is really a super fit for your sharp cutting needs and makes you more resourceful. It is lightweight to carry and increases the overall maneuverability with great command and control. The best thing about this one is that you have a commendable consistent battery power performance during single charge drainage.

The cutting performance is remarkably sharp and instant with a 12 inches steel chain bar causing minimum tension while usage. It gets the job done with super easiness and you get extra maneuverability while operating this Greenworks 12 inches chainsaw.

The commanding control which you get with this machine is excellent and you have great portability due to its lightweight. High-performance delivery is ensured during its entire runtime and it makes minimum noise during cordless operations.

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#7.CRAFTSMAN V20* Cordless Chainsaw


CRAFTSMAN V20* Cordless Chainsaw
This is a really powerful machine within its size and effectiveness can not be questioned. You can have extremely precise cuts with the help of a bubble level and the auto oiling system ensures that the chain doesn’t get worn out due to dryness.
Value for money
Light weight
Easy to use


A superb red outlook chainsaw machine that becomes a great assisting tool for your wood-cutting needs.



  • Attractive outlook
  • Continuous lubrication ensured
  • Extend battery timings provided with a complete kit
  • Compact design and reliable mechanical performance


  • Takes a bit long time to cut through

It is a cordless machine and moderately lightweight so you don’t have any problems carrying around. The 20 V battery once charged delivers super easy 60 cuts.

4 batteries are provided along in the kit so you can have a really nice time out there being a craftsman. It comes with a 12-inch chain bar and performs really well in small spaces too. The chain tension adjustments require no tools so you can adjust quickly according to the requirements.

Continuous lubrication of the chainsaw parts is ensured by the auto-oiling system. For the purpose of straight horizontal cuts, a bubble level is also provided. This Craftsman machine allows you to handle thick wood up to 10 inches without causing any problems or stress at all.

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Types of 20-Inch Chainsaws: Covering the Basics

If you’ve found yourself here on this web page, you probably associate chainsaws with chopping wood, felling trees, and getting rid of the trees’ unhealthy limbs rather than watching horror movies with bad guys equipped with chainsaws. If that is the case, you should know that there’s an array of chainsaw types.

This knowledge can help you choose the exact piece of equipment for your particular needs. Below, you will find the types of 20-in. chainsaws and their brief descriptions.

Pocket Chainsaws: Portable Yet Not So Powerful

These honey are used for minor cutting projects. And yep, you can literally carry them in your pocket. They’re also often referred to as manual chainsaws. A lot of people buy these machines from stores, while many DIY lovers make them with their own hands.

With regard to the perks of pocket chainsaws, they are lightweight, inexpensive, and quiet. As for the drawbacks, these machines are time-consuming, good for small jobs only, and quite challenging to utilize.

Battery-Powered Machines: Eco-Friendly and Quiet

These chainsaws are excellent for small to medium cutting jobs anywhere you go, e.g. brush-clearing projects in the areas where an extension cord is impossible to use. Along with pocket and gas chainsaws, battery-powered machines are also referred to as ‘cordless’. The silver lining is that these (almost independent) babies are eco-friendly, maneuverable, and quiet. While limited battery life and not much cutting power are these chainsaws’ weak spots.

Electric Chainsaws: Effortless but Corded

These machines are corded, which means more power (and less independence — they’re ‘tied’ to an outlet). They excel at small to medium cutting jobs and are very easy to get to grips with even for beginners. On the other hand, if you want a chainsaw for the not-near-your-home projects, you might want to get a generator or go cordless.

Gas Chainsaws – Super Powerful, Portable, and Versatile

These honey have truly got the power for completing both professional and household tasks. They cut through (almost any kind of) wood like a hot knife cuts through butter. These versatile machines are cordless, which means you can take them anywhere with you. They’ll work as long as there’s gas in the tank. Gas-powered chainsaws are portable, reliable, and literally all-purpose. However, they’re often on the loud side and can be a challenge to start. Needless to say that these babies are far from being ecologically friendly.

Pneumatic Chainsaws: Perfect for Industrial Use

These ‘babies’ are even more powerful than gas chainsaws. However, unlike gas chainsaws, pneumatic machines are typically used expressly in industrial settings. They are extremely durable and powerful enough to cut through metal and concrete. And they’re eco-friendly. Don’t even try searching for pneumatic chainsaws on Amazon. These powerful beasts are usually purchased directly from the manufacturers.

How to Choose the Right Chainsaw Size

Before you go buying a 20-inch chainsaw, it’s important to make sure that you really need that much sawing power. Why? Because while a larger chainsaw can handle bigger, tougher jobs, it also produces a higher risk of losing control – and the kickback on a larger saw can be extremely dangerous, indeed.

  • Light use, such as occasionally pruning trees and shrubs, can easily be accomplished with a 10- to 14-inch chainsaw. In fact, their lightweight designs and slim profiles can make it easier to maneuver for precise cutting.
  • Moderate use chainsaws are geared towards consistent home maintenance use, as well as occasionally cutting through thick branches or logs. If your projects won’t get any larger than cutting firewood, choose a 16- to 18-inch chainsaw for the job.
  • Heavy duty projects, such as professional trimming, cutting large amounts of firewood, or clearing acres of brush, require the largest and most powerful chainsaws. If you plan to tackle projects that might otherwise be left to a professional landscaper, a 20-inch chainsaw is the only way to go.

What to Look for In a 20-inch Chainsaw

When evaluating a chainsaw of any size, we look closely at the following features critical to purchasing any chainsaw:

  • Engine size and power: Larger bar lengths require a corresponding increase in engine power to prevent stalling while cutting. The best 20-inch chainsaws will have engine sizes between 50 and 60cc and produce chain speeds up to 9000 RPMs.
  • Ergonomics and weight (vibration, too): You might be surprised by how much the handle design and weight of a 20-inch chainsaw can affect your ability to cut safely with it. We’ve ensured that each pick in these reviews is well-balanced and gave special priority to chainsaws that featured vibration-reducing technologies.
  • Safety features: Higher-end chainsaw models will feature an inertia-activated chain brake, which reduces the risk of injury in the event of a kickback.
  • Durable construction: Of course, because a 20-inch chainsaw will be more expensive than most outdoor tools, you’ll want to know that you’re making a safe investment. Most chainsaws will offer a 1-year warranty to back up their solid construction.

What are the Different Types of Chainsaws?

Quickly going through some of the main types as under:

Gas Chainsaws

Gas chainsaws have been around for a long time and they are widely used in taking down large trees, milling lumbar, and other commercial applications. They utilize petrol or sometimes diesel to work and emit gas fumes while you operate them.

Electric Chainsaws

Electric chainsaws, in short, are the ones that do not run on petrol or any other fuel. The sub-divisions in this type include:


Corded electric chainsaws require a nearby power source to operate and they are mostly used in lightweight or medium wood-cutting jobs.


Also known as battery-operated chainsaws, they utilize batteries to work and are not as powerful as corded or gas chainsaws. They are also used mostly to maintain gardens and yards or for cutting small tree branches.

Mini Chainsaws

Mini tools have a bar length of 6” and they are mostly used for pruning trees and branches. The handheld design makes them a perfect fit for older people and women.

Manual Chainsaws

Inspired by the name “manual”, they are not typical chainsaws because you’ll only get a large chain with two grips. That said, with a manual chainsaw, your hands will become the engine and you can use them to cut trees with the large chain.

What Maintenance does a Chainsaw need?

Just like humans, chainsaws also need proper maintenance or else they could get damaged and rusty over time.

Some of my suggestions to keep them maintained enough include:

  • Proper and thorough cleaning of all parts with gasoline.
  • Removing and adjusting the spark plug.
  • Cleaning the clogged air filter properly.
  • Cleaning and adjusting the carburetor.
  • Replacing the fuel lines.
  • Sharpening the chain.
  • Draining the fuel from the storage tank if you don’t plan to use it for about two months.
  • Hang chainsaw properly.

What Accessories Do You Need with a Chainsaw?

Only purchasing the machine and operating it isn’t enough. You would also need some of the following accessories to operate your tool in a perfect way:


A chainsaw helmet can keep your face safe from sudden kickbacks or chain derailing. It is a must for every operator.

Noise Protection

I recommend noise-canceling headphones to avoid excessive noise that could potentially damage your ear drums.

Protective Pants

Also known as chaps, the protective pants can keep your legs and thighs safe in case the tool gets out of your control.

Protective Gloves

Protective gloves are a must if you want to protect your hands and fingers from getting injured.

Work Boots

A durable pair of work boots can keep your feet comfy and away from any injury while you operate the tool to cut down a tree.

Forestry Jacket/Shirt

If the environment you are working in is cold enough, better wear a forestry jacket or a shirt to keep your body away from coldness as well as the ruthlessness of the machine.

First Aid Kit

Always keep a first aid kit close to your working space in case of an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended bar length for a 20-inch chainsaw?

The recommended bar length for a 20-inch chainsaw is 20 inches. This is because the bar length and the chain length are directly related, and the chain must be able to stretch around the entire length of the bar in order to function properly.

What type of cutting tasks is a 20-inch chainsaw best suited for?

A 20-inch chainsaw is best suited for larger cutting tasks, such as felling large trees or cutting large logs. Due to its longer bar and chain, it has a longer reach and can handle larger and thicker pieces of wood than smaller chainsaws.

How much weight should I expect a 20-inch chainsaw to weigh?

The weight of a 20-inch chainsaw can vary depending on the specific model and the materials used in its construction. On average, you can expect a 20-inch chainsaw to weigh between 12 and 20 pounds.

How much horsepower should a 20-inch chainsaw have?

The horsepower of a 20-inch chainsaw can vary depending on the specific model and the engine used. On average, you can expect a 20-inch chainsaw to have between 2 and 4 horsepower.[1]How Much Hp Does A Chainsaw Have?

Can a 20-inch chainsaw be used for precision cutting?

While a 20-inch chainsaw is primarily designed for larger cutting tasks, it can be used for precision cutting if fitted with a smaller chain and proper technique. However, smaller chainsaws would generally be more suited for fine, detailed work.

How do I maintain a 20-inch chainsaw?

To maintain a 20-inch chainsaw, you should regularly check and tighten the chain, clean and lubricate the bar and chain, and check the air filter and spark plug. It’s also important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use and maintenance of the chainsaw.

How do I sharpen a chain on a 20-inch chainsaw?

You can sharpen a chain on a 20-inch chainsaw using a round file and a file guide. First, make sure that the chainsaw is turned off and that the chain is not moving. Then, match the size of the file guide to the size of the cutters on the chain. Then, you can use the round file to sharpen the cutters by running it through the guide, following the manufacturer’s instructions for the angle.[2]How to Sharpen a Chain Saw

How do I change the chain on a 20-inch chainsaw?

To change the chain on a 20-inch chainsaw, you will need to remove the old chain and replace it with a new one. First, make sure that the chainsaw is turned off and that the chain is not moving. Then, remove the bar and chain from the chainsaw. Next, remove the old chain from the bar, and replace it with a new one, making sure that the chain is properly tensioned.[3]How to Replace a Chainsaw Chain

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