The 8 Best Caulking Guns of 2023

The 8 Best Caulking Guns of 2024

The majority of the caulking guns used today are manual, meaning you squeeze a hand trigger to dispense the sealant. Others are powered caulking guns and are the new kids on the block. They are growing in popularity because all you need to do is guide the tip of the gun to create a smooth, continuous bead of caulk.

The right caulking gun depends on the type of caulk that will be applied, as well as the overall scope of the project and budget. We’ve tested some of the most popular caulking guns in real-world applications to find out which ones rank among the best for specific situations and needs. Ahead, get our top tips and recommendations on choosing the best caulking gun—and don’t miss field-tested reviews of our top picks below.

The 8 Best Caulking Guns of 2024:Tested & Reviewed

Sealant guns are used to apply caulk between cracks or any two surfaces where air or water leakage is present. In other words, they save your home from turning into a total mess. With the help of these guns, you can repair the damage in a precise and professional way. We have gathered and reviewed some of the best sealant guns in 20224 that you can use to make a better world for yourself.

1.DEWALT 20V MAX Caulking Gun


DEWALT 20V MAX Caulking Gun
Dewalt is considered as one of the most reliable and trustworthy brands out there when you are talking about electric and battery powered power tools which even includes a few electric caulk gun options.
Easy to use
Value for money


Uses a 20 volt battery system
Supports up to 10 oz or 300 ml sealant
Outputs a pushing force of up to 250 KG
Runs at a maximum speed of up to 21 inches per minute
Backed by a 3 year long warranty period for reliability



  • Solid build quality along with a long warranty period for longevity
  • Quite good performance numbers despite its pushing force rating
  • Highly versatile and compatible battery system with multiple options to choose from


  • Does not come included with a battery pack inside the box

The Dewalt DCE560B electric caulk gun is present in the 1st position of this list since this is a great reliable as well as easy to use option for most users out there. While this electric caulk gun from Dewalt does not come with any battery included in the box, it can work with all 20 volt battery options Dewalt offers. With that, this electric caulk gun gives you a pretty good capacity of 10 oz or 300 ml for your peace of mind.

Coming to the performance numbers of this electric caulk gun, it is rated for a pushing force of up to 250 KG. And with this pushing force, this Dewalt electric caulk gun is able to offer a maximum speed of up to 21 inches per minute. Another great thing about going with a reputable power tools brand is that Dewalt offers a 3 year long warranty with this electric caulk gun.

2.Drip-Free Smooth Hex Rod Cradle Caulking Gun


Drip-Free Smooth Hex Rod Cradle Caulking Gun
The Newborn 930-GTD sealant gun is perfect for professional use.
Easy to use
Value for money


It incorporates a steel half-barrel frame for 1/10-gallon cartridges. This caulking gun comes with a thrust ratio of 10:1 that is best for using low viscosity materials.


Additionally, the integrated Gator trigger grip doesn’t strain hands and allows comfortable use while the grooved texture prevents slipping, hence, makes caulking easy and efficient for you. The drip-free feature enables the pressure to release automatically right after you let go of the trigger. This mechanism makes the functioning of the gun smooth and prevents excessive dripping for optimal cleaning.

3.Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulking Gun


Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulking Gun
The Newborn 250 Revolving Caulking Gun is the perfect sealant tool for any type of contractor or DIY home renovation project.
Easy to use
Value for money


A professional-grade tool, the caulking gun has a durable steel frame construction and the barrel holds standard 1/10-gallon cartridges.


Operating at an 18:1 thrust ratio, the super smooth Newborn is very effective at dispensing a wide range of heavy viscosity sealants such as acrylics, adhesives, asphalt, butyl, and cement.The caulking gun features an ergonomic handle and a corrosion-resistant zinc alloy trigger, which has a thumb release for quick operation. The revolving frame allows the barrel to rotate so that you can apply consistent beading even when caulking around corners, and the smooth pressure rod requires less force than a ratchet-style pressure rod.

Instead of having to use a knife, Newborn gives you the choice of using the built-in seal puncture tool or the spout cutter, depending on the type of cartridge you are using.To keep the caulking gun within reach, it has a ladder hook for quick and easy access at your job site.

4.ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulk Gun


The caulking gun from Dripless Inc. is lightweight and has a composite frame for ten-ounce cartridges.
Easy to use
Value for money


Do not over-tighten the caulking gun or apply too much pressure, as it can cause the caulk to come out too fast, leading to a messy application.



  • Spout cutter for opening cartridges
  • Air pressure regulator
  • Reduces stress on hand and arms
  • Extra-long clean-out rod


  • May not be durable

It has a thrust ratio of around 12:1 for use with acrylic, silicone, and latex and a revolving frame that allows the cartridge to rotate to maintain bead orientation for caulking around the corners. You can hook it on a ladder with the hook provided on the back and ensure you have a tight grip with its engineered ergonomic grip. Learn more about this product in this video.

5.Bates- Caulking Gun, Silicone Gun


Bates- Caulking Gun, Silicone Gun
There’s no need to spend a fortune on a caulk gun if you only expect to use it for one or two projects around the house.
Easy to use
Value for money


Price at time of publish: $10|Type: Smooth rod | Frame Material: Metal | Thrust Ratio: 10:1 | Revolving Frame: No | Tube Piercer: Yes | Spout Cutter: Yes | Caulk Gun Weight: 1 pound



  • Truly dripless performance
  • Lightweight


  • Few complaints of rod slipping during use
  • Requires a fair amount of hand pressure to use

But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for substandard performance. The Bates Caulking Gun has a smooth rod that is as nearly dripless as far more expensive models, yet it has a very reasonable price. The thrust ratio is 10:1, making it suitable for most common sealants, including acrylic, butyl, and cement sealers.

While this might not be the sturdiest gun, it’s not so flimsy that it can’t get the job done. And like more expensive models, it has a built-in spout cutter and tube piercer. There’s no hanging hook, however, and the frame is not revolving, so you’ll need to lift the gun and reposition to caulk around corners.

6.Super Ratchet Rod Cradle Caulking Gun


For occasional small caulking projects, such as sealing a gap between the tub and the wall, check out this nicely priced and super-dependable option from Newborn.
Easy to use
Value for money


Rod type: Ratcheting
Thrust ratio: 6:1
Revolving: No



  • Built-in cutter and puncture tool; no need for separate tools and less chance of mess
  • Sturdy welded construction to stand the test of time
  • Ratchet pressure rod helps hold the rod in place; mitigates dripping


  • Tougher to squeeze than other models; not ideal for large projects

With a 6:1 thrust ratio, this model is best for dispensing low-viscosity sealant, such as painter’s latex caulk. It comes with a built-in pin for puncturing the seal on the caulk tube and a built-in cutter to nip off the tip of the tube.

There were quite a few things to like about the Newborn 188 during testing. For one, we appreciated the sturdy welded construction, as it felt like a quality piece despite its reasonable price tag. We also liked the built-in cutter and puncture tool, as they make getting to work faster and easier. The one downside we found was that this caulking gun was more difficult to squeeze than others.

7.Drip-Free Smooth Hex Rod Cradle Caulking Gun


Drip-Free Smooth Hex Rod Cradle Caulking Gun
Anyone familiar with tired hands from caulking and sealing may enjoy giving this caulking gun from Newborn a shot.
Easy to use
Value for money


Rod type: Smooth
Thrust ratio: 10:1
Revolving: No



  • Excellent thermoplastic grip; feels comfortable in the hand and prevents user fatigue
  • Smooth rod was easy to release and adjust, mitigating most dripping issues
  • Painted metal body is easy to clean and maintain after each use


  • It wasn’t exactly the dripless caulking gun it claimed to be

It has two rubber overmolded grips as well as a rod that automatically retracts after releasing the comfort-grip hand trigger to prevent excess caulk from oozing out.This caulking gun features a 10:1 thrust ratio and easily dispenses light to light-medium viscosity caulk, making it well suited for latex and silicone. This gun’s smooth-pull hand trigger and dripless technology are a plus, and so is the fact that it comes with a built-in seal puncturing tool, a cutting tool, and a handy hook for hanging the gun on a ladder rung.

Even with all those features, it was the tool’s grip that really stood out during testing. The two rubber over-molded grips were extremely comfortable and easy to squeeze, despite not having a tremendous thrust ratio. Also, we liked that we could cut the tips of our caulking tubes and puncture the seal with this caulking gun. The smooth rod was easy to adjust and release, too. The one thing we didn’t like about this caulking gun was that it’s not as “no drip” as it advertises. It definitely dripped a little for us.

8.18-Volt ONE+ Power Caulk Adhesive GunP310G


18-Volt ONE+ Power Caulk Adhesive GunP310G
You can also consider Ryobi and all of its electric tools if you are looking for something reliable which is also comparatively affordable and comes in at a more justified pricing range.
Easy to use
Value for money


Uses a 18 volt battery system
Rated battery capacity of 2.0 Ah
Supports up to 10 oz or 300 ml sealant
Outputs a pushing force of up to 225 KG
Backed by a 3 year long warranty period for reliability



  • Decently affordable considering the included accessories
  • Long warranty period for your peace of mind
  • Fairly long battery life rating thanks to the given battery capacity


  • Not the most powerful or strong electric caulk gun option out there

Ryobi’s P310G electric caulk gun is present in the 2nd position of this listicle as it is another amazing option for long term usage especially at the given price. Apart from its amazing longevity and reliability, this electric caulk gun uses an 18 volt 2.0 Ah battery for a decent power backup. As for the glue or sealant capacity, that is rated at 10 oz or 300 ml for this Ryobi electric caulk gun.

Moving over to the performance side of things, it falls a bit behind because of the given pushing force of up to 225 KG. But the bigger issue is that it does not even mention the speed rating. That being said, this electric caulk gun from Ryobi might be a great option for most thanks to its 3 year long warranty which makes it ideal for long term usage as well.

Buying Guide For The Best Caulking Guns

When it comes to installing windows in homes and RVs, it is highly important to seal all the edges properly to prevent any leakage. And if you want the best results while applying a sealant around windows, then you should consider using something like the best electric caulk guns that have been discussed up above in this article. With all of these best electric caulk guns, you will also come across their most important aspects and factors. And to help you further in picking electric caulk gun, we are here with a complete buying guide for the best electric caulk guns as well:

1. Voltage

Out of all the various factors to keep in mind, you should first check the voltage rating of your electric caulk gun. Since a caulk gun is more of a handheld tool, almost all electric caulk guns out there use batteries for their power requirements. For the same reason, you should check the voltage rating of your electric caulk gun.

By checking the same, you will not only learn about the performance numbers, but it will also tell you about the compatibility of your electric caulk gun with the various battery pack options available out there. And since it is handy to have a compatible electric caulk gun battery, almost all electric caulk guns out there support 20 volt batteries. While there are also a few 18 volt and 24 volt options, a 20 volt electric caulk gun should work completely fine.

2. Speed

When you are talking about caulk guns, the primary reason for getting an electric one is that it will help you to apply sealant or caulk at a much faster rate. Thus, it becomes quite important to check the speed rating of your electric caulk gun especially if you want a powerful one.

Since the speed rating tells you the rate of sealant that you can apply, this speed rating is given in inches per minute or ipm. Coming to the speed ratings that you can find, it includes options like 21 inch per minute, 22 inch per minute, and even 23 inch per minute in some cases. As you would expect, the higher speed rating of 23 inch per minute will offer the best performance from your electric caulk gun for large-scale applications.

3. Capacity

Even if you have a powerful electric caulk gun, it will be of no use if it does not have a high enough capacity. This simply means that your electric caulk gun should be able to hold enough glue or sealant at once that you do not have to change the glue stick or the sealant again and again during an application. Fortunately, almost all electric caulk guns available out there come with a capacity of 10 oz or 300 ml. And this capacity should be more than enough for almost all users who are applying any kind of sealant or glue.

4. Battery Capacity

As mentioned earlier, electric caulk guns generally use a battery for their power requirements. And just like the capacity rating of your electric caulk gun, the battery capacity of your electric caulk gun is also highly important to consider. When you are applying sealant for any given project, the last thing you would want is to change the batteries of your electric caulk gun again and again. Therefore, it is ideal to go with an electric caulk gun which offers a high battery capacity. Thankfully, most of the electric caulk guns stated up above come with either 2.0 Ah or 2.5 Ah battery systems which should offer enough power even for longer and large scale projects.

5. Pushing Force

If you are familiar with electric caulk guns or even caulk guns in general, then you must know that these push out the sealant as you are applying it. Unlike a manual caulk gun, an electric caulk gun pushes out this sealant or glue on its own.

But to ensure that your caulk gun can push out the sealant without any issues, you should go with an electric caulk gun which supports a high pushing force. Usually, you will find most electric caulk guns to support a pushing force of up to 225 KG, up to 250 KG, up to 300 KG, or similar. However, if you want something even more powerful, then you can even find a few electric caulk guns with a pushing force of up to 560 KG or even up to 660 KG. Such electric caulk guns are perfect for heavy duty usage and professional applications.

6. Accessories

Apart from checking the electric caulk gun itself, you should also consider the other box contents of your caulk gun if you are looking for a versatile and practical option. While not all electric caulk guns come included with accessories, the ones that do are going to be highly versatile. Starting with the basics, almost all electric caulk guns out there will include a battery pack and a battery charger inside the case. Apart from this, a few electric caulk guns may even include glue or sealants in the box. Such electric caulk guns are perfect if you want to start using your caulk gun right away.

7. Warranty

Last but not least, you would also want your electric caulk gun to be highly durable and reliable. This is to ensure that you are going with an electric caulk gun which can be used for a long period of time without facing any issues. Fortunately, you can easily confirm the same by checking the included warranty period of your electric caulk gun. While almost all electric caulk guns come included with a 1 year long warranty, a few other models may even include a 3 year long warranty period. Such electric caulk guns are perfect for long term usage and should not have any issues for a long period of time.

Caulking Gun Type

Repeatedly squeezing a trigger can lead to hand and wrist fatigue, which is why powered caulking guns are becoming more popular. When they first hit the market a few years ago, powered caulking guns were reserved for commercial and industrial projects. Today, DIYers are discovering the benefit of letting the gun dispense the sealant so they can focus on creating a smooth bead. With no hand trigger, thrust ratio does not apply. Instead, dispensing pressure is regulated via a light squeeze on the finger trigger.

  • Electric: Like other electric tools, an electric caulking gun comes with a cord and requires access to an electrical outlet. Light pressure on a finger trigger allows a user to dispense just the right amount of sealant.
  • Battery powered: This bad boy has removable batteries and a charger, so users can run a bead of caulk in locations where electricity isn’t available, typically running 2 to 3 hours per charge. If there is a lot of caulking to do, consider investing in an extra battery so the juice won’t run out before the job is done.
  • Pneumatic: Air-powered caulking guns are among the most popular powered options for home workshops because there’s no battery to charge and they interchange with other air-power tools, but an air compressor is needed. In addition to the gun’s finger trigger, dispensing pressure can be regulated by adjusting the pressure on an air compressor.

Finally, it sounds like a breakfast tool, but a sausage caulking gun is actually designed to hold collapsible foil cylinders of sealant, called “sausages.” These caulking guns, which operate in much the same manner as others (manual or powered), let a user squeeze every last bit of sealant from the sausage, so there’s very little waste.

Is There Any Standard Cartridge Size for Sealant Guns?

When it comes to the cartridge or the caulk tube size, the standard one is 320 ml. However, different models of sealant guns can hold varying types of tubes or cartridges. That is why whenever you decide to buy a sealant gun, keep in mind the size of your cartridge. If the tube size and the gun compatibility do not match, it will only be a waste of money.

Some of the readily available cartridge sizes for sealant guns are:

  • 310 ml
  • 380 ml
  • 400 ml
  • 540 ml
  • 600 ml

How We Tested the Best Caulking Guns

Testing the best caulking guns was pretty straightforward: load them up, test their power, see if they drip, and compare the results. But there was one twist: It was pretty cold in our shop. Temperatures were just under freezing when we tested the caulking guns, which meant we were really putting them through the ringer.We took note of features like rods, built-in cutters, puncture wires, and rubber grips. Not all caulking guns had these features, so it was important to compare them before testing.

We tested each with an acrylic caulk to see how smooth, consistent, and easy they were to work with. We caulked a seam between two boards and then allowed the guns to rest to see how much they’d drip.We loaded the caulking guns with cold construction adhesive as well as roofing tar and ran a bead of each down the board. This really showed us which guns had the best power and which were difficult to use in those conditions. We also checked for drips, which were considerably fewer than the acrylic due to the adhesive’s viscosity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of electric caulk guns do professionals use?

Even though there is not a particular electric caulk gun that professionals use, it is highly important that whatever electric caulk gun they use, it offers a high speed rating so that caulk can be applied over a large area quickly. More importantly, it also needs to have a high capacity battery which can easily last for multiple hours between charges so that professionals can keep working without needing to change batteries again and again.

Can I use sealant without a gun?

Yes, you can use a sealant without a sealant gun, but the accuracy rate will be pretty low. That is why it is recommended to perform the task with a caulking gun.

What are sealant guns composed of?

Sealant guns are typically composed of metal or plastic. The metal sealant gun is expensive as compared to plastic.

Can I put oil on my sealant gun?

Yes, you can put oil on your sealant gun as the lubrication will aid in your gun’s proper functioning and durability.

Is it better to push or pull a caulking gun?

There are several reasons why it’s better to push a caulking gun to apply sealants. One of them is that while pulling, one might end up pulling it too quickly and damage the caulking head, which will make it difficult to apply the sealant properly.

Can I use caulk without a caulking gun?

Some manufacturers sell squeeze tubes of caulk, which are easier to use above cabinets or tight spaces, and they don’t require a gun. However, it can be very difficult to apply an even and consistent bead of caulk from a standard tube without a caulking gun.

Are there different sizes of caulking guns?

There are different sizes of caulking guns. The standard caulking gun size is 10-ounce (which all of the caulking guns on this list are), but larger 29-ounce caulking guns do exist for heavy-duty applications.

Why do you need a caulk gun?

A caulking gun gun applies steady pressure on the tube so you can get a smoother and more even finish. You can also apply pressure with your hands, but using a caulking gun decreases the risks of making a mess. Caulking can very well be done without a gun if it is a minor job or if you are experienced.

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