The 9 Best Mini Chainsaw Cordless of 2023

The 9 Best Mini Chainsaw Cordless of 2024

A mini chainsaw is a compact and lightweight version of a traditional chainsaw, designed for pruning, trimming, and cutting small branches and limbs. These chainsaws are especially useful for homeowners, gardeners, and landscapers who need to work in tight or hard-to-reach spaces.

Typically, mini chainsaws have a shorter bar length of 4 to 10 inches, and are powered by either a small gasoline engine or an electric motor. They are easy to maneuver, which makes them convenient for cutting or pruning tasks. Some models can be handheld, while others can be mounted on a pole or extension handle to reach higher branches.

Compared to larger chainsaws, mini chainsaws are generally less expensive and easier to maintain. They produce less noise and vibration, which makes them more comfortable to use for longer periods of time. However, they are not as powerful as larger chainsaws and are not suitable for cutting through large logs or heavy branches.

#1.KIMO Mini Chainsaw 6 Inch


KIMO Mini Chainsaw 6 Inch
The KIMO Mini Chainsaw is our bestselling model in this category.
Value for money
Easy to use
Light weight


Chain Bar Length: 6 inches
Power Source: Battery
Weight: 3.1 pounds



  • A bestseller that has been well tested in the field
  • Comes with two batteries
  • Bar cover included (which you don’t get with other models)
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Only comes with a single bar and chain
  • 4 star average review not as good as some other options

This product is pretty similar to the other ones that fall in the same price range, but it stands out because it sells the most units. I believe that’s because it’s usually priced lower than other similar models and it has a lot of positive reviews, plus it shows up as one of the top options when searching for a “mini chainsaw” on Amazon.

What’s great about the KIMO saw is that it comes with two 20v 2 amp hour batteries, which is a real plus. Having two batteries is always useful so that you can keep one charging while using the other. However, it only includes one chain, but you do get other handy items like a bar cover, screwdriver, charger, and an oil bottle (minus the actual oil or lubricant).

#2.Greenworks 24V 10″ Chainsaw


Greenworks 24V 10
We’re big fans of Greenworks power equipment, and this little saw is a great example of why.
Value for money
Easy to use
Light weight


Size:10 inches
Weight:7.85 pounds



  • Fade-free battery operation
  • Relatively quiet operation


  • Might be too bulky for those low on space

This saw is perfect for beginners since it has a user-friendly design, and despite its 10-inch bar, it can cut through things like a champ. The back handle is thick and rubberized, while the top handle is nice and wide, making it easy to move and control while you’re using it.

What’s even better is that it comes with a detailed user guide that not only tells you how to operate the saw, but also demonstrates the best chainsawing techniques so you can use it properly and safely.

#3.Saker Mini Chainsaw


Saker Mini Chainsaw
When looking for the best mini chainsaw in 20224, you cannot find a better option than Saker Mini Chainsaw.
Value for money
Easy to use
Light weight


Saker focuses on improving the quality and performance of its tools. Their customer support is very responsive if you face any quality issues. You can’t find a better mini chainsaw for your household or gardening use.



  • Strong Dynamic System
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation
  • High-Quality Chain and Bar
  • Safety Button
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Long-lasting Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy Carrying Case


  • Doesn’t come fully assembled
  • Only 1 Battery Included

Although Saker may not be a well-known brand, their team of professional designers and operators are dedicated to creating tools that are convenient, efficient, and safe to use. The Saker mini chainsaw is a portable cordless 4-inch electric tool that’s perfect for household and gardening tasks. It’s loaded with features that make it highly efficient.

The saw boasts a powerful and efficient pure copper motor, overload protection, super-fast cutting speed, high-capacity rechargeable battery, and much more—all in a small and compact design. The high-quality guide bar and chain have undergone a quenching process, ensuring smooth and fast cutting performance.

The chainsaw comes with a 20V 1500mAh rechargeable battery that allows for long-lasting cutting performance. The security switch prevents the chainsaw from turning on by accident, and the efficient heat dissipation design ensures that the motor won’t burn out even with extended use.

The splash guard prevents sawdust from splashing towards you while sawing, pruning, or trimming. The best feature of this mini chainsaw is its extremely lightweight design, weighing only 1.1kg, making it easy to use for extended periods without straining your wrist or arm. The mini chainsaw is also stable and balanced, making it easy to trim top branches on a ladder.

The only downside is that it doesn’t come fully assembled, so you’ll need to spend a few minutes putting it together. Nonetheless, the Saker mini chainsaw is an excellent tool that combines convenience, efficiency, and safety, making it a great choice for household and gardening applications.

#4.Milwaukee M12 FUE HATCHEt


Milwaukee M12 FUE HATCHEt
Milwaukee’s M12 FUEL Hatchet is the ultimate mini electric chainsaw due to its ergonomic design, high-performance motor, and durable casing.
Value for money
Easy to use
Light weight


Chain Bar Length: 6 inches
Power Source: Battery
Weight: 4.1 pounds



  • The automatic oiler is a top feature
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Powerful and efficient brushless motor
  • RedLink Plus intelligence
  • Variable speed trigger with instant throttle response


  • Short-lived battery
  • Costs more than the cheap models

The saw’s compact and lightweight design, weighing only 4.1 pounds, provides better control, access, and maneuverability in hard-to-reach areas, which is particularly useful for landscaping work.

The PowerState brushless motor under the hood delivers enough power to cut through hardwood. RedLink Plus intelligence allows the motor and battery to communicate, providing unparalleled performance and productivity. With a full charge, the tool can cut 3-inch hardwoods up to 120 times.

The saw also features a variable speed trigger with instant throttle response for greater control and cutting performance. An automatic oiler keeps the chain lubricated for maximum durability and productivity. The oil reservoir is translucent, making it easy to monitor the fluid level and ensure that your tool is properly oiled at all times.

#5.Mini Chainsaw 6-Inch with 2 Battery


Mini Chainsaw 6-Inch with 2 Battery
This compact option would be a great choice for those who don’t have the storage space for a bulkier model, or who don’t have the need for a more powerful saw.
Value for money
Easy to use
Light weight


Size:6 inches
Power:2.0 Ah battery
Weight:1.54 pounds



  • Battery charges in 1.5 hours
  • Rubberized handle


  • Less powerful than larger options

This machine is incredibly lightweight, coming in at just one and a half pounds, yet still boasts an impressive high-efficiency motor that powers its chain to move at 19.2 feet per second.

Thanks to its compact size, it can fit into tight or awkward spaces that larger saws cannot, making it particularly useful for navigating between tree branches or into brush piles.

#6.RLSOO Upgraded 4-Inch Battery Powered Cordless Chainsaw


RLSOO Upgraded 4-Inch Battery Powered Cordless Chainsaw
An ideal chainsaw for pruning and cutting branches. For those who want a whole package with all the accessories, this is the best option to get. It ensures safety while providing you with high cutting speed and power.
Value for money
Easy to use
Light weight


Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 4 inch | Power: 24 Volts | Weight: 2.4 Pounds | Batteries Included: 2



  • Two Batteries Included
  • Pure Copper Motor
  • High Chain Speed
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Quiet Operation
  • Safety Lock
  • LED Light


  • Smaller Blade Limits Application
  • Manual Chain Tension

Next up is the RLSOO chainsaw, which, despite its even smaller design, provides monstrous power to cut through the toughest of wood with ease. While I was a big fan of the KIMO 6, I found that it didn’t come with enough accessories, and I had to purchase many things later on. However, for those who prefer to purchase everything in one go, RLSOO provides the perfect opportunity.

This chainsaw comes with two batteries, two chains, a charger, tools, a hard carrying case, and protective chainsaw gloves included, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing any gear later on. With its compact design, this chainsaw is perfect for moving through the branches of your trees and cutting down unwanted branches with maximum precision.

The pure copper motor ensures powerful performance and high-speed cutting, while also providing quieter operation. I was most impressed by the cutting speed, as it can cut 5 meters in one second, which is mind-blowing for such a small motor. The chainsaw doesn’t overheat, even after running it through a full charge, thanks to the efficient heat dissipation technology.

With two included batteries, you don’t have to worry about running out of charge while working. However, the smaller blade size does limit its application to smaller branches, and you won’t be able to cut down thicker branches in a straight cut.

#7.Mini Chainsaw Cordless 6 Inch


Mini Chainsaw Cordless 6 Inch
But if all you want is a cheap mini chainsaw, I can recommend this one. It won’t last forever, but it’s still pretty good in my opinion.
Value for money
Easy to use
Light weight


Chain Bar Length: 4 and 6 inches
Power Source: Battery
Weight: 2 pounds



  • Comes with two different bars and chains
  • Two 21v batteries keep you pruning for longer
  • The case makes transporting everything very easy
  • For the money, it does a really good job


  • Might be smaller than other models
  • Gloves that are included are not as good as real chainsaw gloves

The package comes equipped with everything you need for your cutting and pruning tasks, including a 4″ and 6″ bar, safety gloves (which aren’t particularly notable), safety glasses, two chains, two batteries with a charger, a screwdriver, a wrench, and a sturdy case for safekeeping.

I have utilized this compact saw for tasks like pruning fruit trees, cutting down small trees with trunks of 2-3 inches in diameter, removing tree suckers, and general pruning tasks. It differs slightly in appearance from the aforementioned KIMO saw, and I suspect it might be marginally smaller. However, it can be challenging to determine whether the weight advertised on Amazon includes the battery or not.

#8.POTENCO Mini Chainsaw


POTENCO Mini Chainsaw
This compact saw is packed with accessories, including a pair of work gloves to provide a nice, sturdy grip.
Value for money
Easy to use
Light weight


Size:4 inches
Weight:1.65 pounds



  • 50-minute runtime
  • Rubberized handle


  • Not large enough for heavy-duty projects

If you’re not confident handling larger saws, this product could be an excellent choice for you. Despite its compact size, the 4-inch blade is capable of handling significant pruning tasks. Additionally, the saw includes a backup battery, allowing you to have one charging while using the other. Its compact size also allows for access to hard-to-reach areas, which would be difficult for bulkier saws to reach.

Another feature is the integrated light, which is quite convenient since it illuminates your workspace and reduces the chance of accidents.

#9.MKSENSE Mini Chainsaw


MKSENSE Mini Chainsaw
If you often need to work in the garden in the evening or at night time, then this chainsaw is perfect for you. Besides efficient cutting performance, the built-in light really comes in handy.
Value for money
Easy to use
Light weight


Type: Cordless/Battery Powered | Bar Length: 4 inch | Power: 21 Volts | Weight: 2 Pounds | Batteries Included: 2



  • Extra Battery Included
  • Efficient Cutting Performance
  • Easy Installation and Operation
  • Built-in Micro LED Light
  • Safety Lock
  • Comes with Extra Chain
  • Large Capacity Battery


  • A bit hectic to fit properly in the case
  • No Extra Guide Bar

This chainsaw is a great option for those who want to avoid the hassle of purchasing additional accessories. It comes with an extra battery, chain, safety gloves, and a hard case box, making it easy to store and transport. You can get the chainsaw ready for use in just a few seconds by tightening the chain using the tool and attaching the battery.

Despite its small size, this chainsaw offers efficient cutting performance, allowing you to cut through tough woods with ease. It can even handle woods up to 6 inches in diameter in less than 10 seconds. The built-in LED light is a handy feature that makes it easier to work safely in low-light conditions.One thing to note is that some users have found it difficult to fit the chainsaw into the thin case it comes with. The case is not very durable and can easily dent, but it does provide adequate protection for the chainsaw.

Pros and Cons of a Cordless Mini Chainsaw

There are several advantages and disadvantages to using a mini chainsaw:


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver: Mini chainsaws are much lighter than larger chainsaws, making them easier to carry and use for extended periods of time.
  • Convenient for small scale cutting and pruning: Mini chainsaws are ideal for tasks that require a lot of cutting or pruning, such as trimming tree branches or clearing brush.
  • Quiet and low vibration: Mini chainsaws produce less noise and vibration than larger chainsaws, which makes them more comfortable to use.
  • Less expensive and easier to maintain: Mini chainsaws are generally less expensive than larger chainsaws, and they are also easier to maintain because they have fewer parts and require less maintenance.


  • Limited cutting capacity: Mini chainsaws are not as powerful as larger chainsaws and are not suitable for cutting through large logs or heavy branches.
  • Short bar and chain: The shorter bar and chain on a mini chainsaw limit its cutting capacity, and it may take longer to cut through larger branches or logs.
  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty tasks: Mini chainsaws are not designed for heavy-duty tasks and may not be durable enough for frequent use or for cutting through very hard or dense wood.

Best Mini Chainsaw Cordless Buying Guide

Now that you have the best choices in front of you, let’s discuss how you can pick one among some of the best chainsaw brands.You might have liked a couple of options at first sight, but not being able to decide between two or three is the worst feeling one can have.

So, we will discuss some of the most important factors that can help you make the right choice.

Mini Chainsaw or Small Chainsaw

Mini chainsaws provide one-handed usage and are more suitable for trimming, pruning, and cutting smaller branches.They are also very effective in DIY projects and can be used for a limited range of construction-related tasks.

Small chainsaws are more effective when it comes to maintaining a small property. They help you cut down thin trees 8-10 inches in diameter. Also, you can cut thicker branches, firewood, and construction wood easily.Small chainsaws are more powerful and come with a higher list of features and wider applications. But, they also cost more.

Electric Chainsaw or Gas Chainsaw

No one can deny the beastly power of a gas chainsaw. They can cut through the toughest of woods like slicing through butter. Their powerful motor provides the highest chain-cutting speed you can get.

However, they do come with some downsides. Especially, the noise and fumes are quite annoying for people who aren’t used to it. Also, gas chainsaws weigh a lot more.Compared to that, battery-powered electric chainsaws are more effective. They provide you with the performance of a gas chainsaw without any noise or fumes.

Yes, you will have to keep the batteries charged and in check which takes time. Gas chainsaws can be fueled up and started instantly.Battery-powered chainsaws are lighter, more compact, and easier to handle. Moreover, they come with tons of modern features.

Battery Life

When purchasing a mini or small chainsaw, most users go for the cordless electric option. Hence, battery life is a crucial factor in the selection of the right chainsaw.Make sure that your chainsaw either comes with an extra battery or you purchase an extra one.

Any battery with 20-24 Volt max capacity is ideally suited for both mini and small chainsaws.Battery time is also important. If your chainsaw can last anywhere between 40 to 60 minutes, that’s good enough on the battery.

Safety Features

Safety is something you can never compromise on when it comes to chainsaws. Make sure you are fully geared up when using the chainsaw.

Most of the chainsaws we have discussed above come with a complete set of accessories, so you don’t have to purchase them separately.A safety lock on the chainsaw prevents accidental startup. A baffle on a mini-chainsaw protects your hand.Similarly, hand-guard, chain brake, and other safety features must be considered before you purchase a chainsaw.

Ergonomic Handle and Grip

Handling of the chainsaw mostly depends on the ergonomic handles and grip. So, you should definitely go for the option which is more comfortable to carry.Make sure that the chainsaw comes with rubberized grip handles that would prevent it from accidentally falling from your hands.

Also, the position of the handle is important. There are rear handles and top handles. Top handles are more suited for one-handed use.

Auto Lubrication and Tensioning

Mini chainsaws do not require lubrication, well most don’t. So, you don’t have to worry about oiling the bar and chain.

However, when it comes to small chainsaws, bar and chain oil must be kept in check. So, make sure that the chainsaw comes with an automatic adjustable bar and chain oiler which will remove the hassle of manual oiling.A transparent oil reservoir would be a bonus, as it will allow you to keep the oil levels in check.

Mini Chainsaw FAQs

How do I start a mini chainsaw?

Starting a mini chainsaw will depend on the specific model you have, but most mini chainsaws can be started by following these steps:

  • Make sure the fuel tank is filled with the correct type of fuel (usually a mixture of gasoline and oil).
  • Turn the fuel valve to the “on” position.
  • Check that the spark plug wire is securely attached to the spark plug.
  • Set the chainsaw on a flat, stable surface.
  • Grip the handle with one hand and the starter handle with the other hand.
  • Pull the starter handle until the engine starts.

How do I maintain a mini chainsaw?

To maintain a mini chainsaw, you should:

  • Keep the chainsaw clean by wiping it down after each use.
  • Check the chain tension regularly and adjust it as needed to ensure it is properly tightened.
  • Sharpen the chain as needed to maintain its cutting performance.
  • Check the air filter and clean or replace it as needed.
  • Change the spark plug and fuel filter annually or as recommended by the manufacturer.

How do I use a mini chainsaw safely?

To use a mini chainsaw safely, you should:

  • Wear protective gear, including safety glasses, earplugs, and gloves.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for starting and using the chainsaw.
  • Keep a firm grip on the handle and maintain good balance while using the chainsaw.
  • Use both hands to operate the chainsaw and keep your hands and fingers away from the chain.
  • Avoid cutting branches that are too large for the chainsaw to handle, as this can cause the chain to break or the chainsaw to become unstable.
  • Keep the chainsaw in good repair and replace any damaged or worn parts.
  • Store the chainsaw in a safe, dry place when not in use.

How do I choose a mini chainsaw?

When selecting a mini-chainsaw, there are three things you must consider. Bar size, battery life, and cutting power. You can determine these factors based on the toughness of the wood you will be cutting.

Are mini chainsaws any good?

Yes, mini chainsaws are very beneficial when it comes to gardening and construction. They are compact and lightweight, so anyone can handle them easily. You can trim tree-top branches and prune the shrubs in your garden with them.

Are small electric chainsaws any good?

Small cordless electric chainsaws are very beneficial in gardening, DIYs, and construction-related tasks. They help you take care of wood cutting, pruning, and trimming branches with ease.[1]Are Electric Chainsaws Any Good?

What does brushless mean on a chainsaw?

Brushless is a type of motor which uses magnets instead of carbon brushes. There is less interference from friction in these motors which ensures higher torque, more efficiency, and longer battery life. So, brushless motors are definitely better.[2]What is a Brushless Chainsaw?

How long does the battery last on a mini chainsaw?

The battery life of a mini chainsaw will depend on the specific model and the type of battery it uses. Some mini chainsaws may have a runtime of up to an hour on a single charge, while others may only last for a few minutes. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications to determine the battery life of a particular model.

Can a mini chainsaw be used to cut large logs?

Although mini chainsaws are designed for small tasks, some models may be able to handle larger logs if they have a longer bar and chain and a powerful motor. However, it’s generally recommended to use a full-size chainsaw for larger logs or heavy-duty cutting tasks.

Are mini chainsaws safe to use?

When used properly, mini chainsaws can be safe to use. However, as with any power tool, it’s important to follow safety guidelines and use caution when operating a chainsaw. This includes wearing protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and hearing protection, as well as being aware of your surroundings and keeping a firm grip on the chainsaw at all times.

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