The best walkie talkie for security of 2023

The 6 best walkie talkie for security of 2023

Despite the advent of smartphones, walkie-talkies remain an essential tool in various situations where cell service is limited, or when a smartphone may not be the best option, such as when providing security for a business. Walkie-talkies allow for reliable communication between people, even in areas where cell service may not be available.

In this article, we will review the top 5 walkie-talkie models for security purposes. We will consider factors such as design, range, channels, frequency, and other features that make them stand out. While the primary function of walkie-talkies is to communicate within a specific range, modern-day models come with additional features like smartphone apps, severe weather alerts, and flashlights.

In particular, these models are ideal for use by security personnel who need to send out transmissions and information quickly to respond to potential security breaches. By using walkie-talkies, security teams can ensure effective communication, even in environments where cellular networks are unavailable.

The 6 best walkie talkie for security of 2023:Our choice

Best walkie-talkies overallRetevis RT21 Walkie Talkies for Adults
Best budget walkie-talkiesMotorola T200TP Talkabout Radio
Best walkie-talkies for kidsCobra RX680 Waterproof Walkie Talkies
Best rugged walkie-talkiesMOTOROLA SOLUTIONS
Best business walkie talkieMotorola Talkabout T800 Two-Way Radios
Best four-pack walkie-talkiesWishouse Rechargeable Walkie Talkies

1.Retevis RT21 Walkie Talkies for Adults

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The RT21 walkie talkie is the perfect communication tool for various industries, including construction, facility management, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and warehousing. This two-way radio is designed to provide the best audio clarity, ease of use, and durability for reliable on-site communication.

These walkie talkies are rugged and built to last, able to withstand moisture, dust, vibrations, extreme temperatures, and the wear and tear of daily use. The durable back clip and lanyard ensure that the walkie talkie stays securely attached to your person, even during active work.

The RT21 walkie talkie is also easy to use, as all settings have been pre-configured and can be used straight out of the box. The 50CTCSS 208DCS feature ensures that your team stays focused on their work, with minimal disruption from irrelevant conversations.These walkie talkies are rechargeable and come with a 1100mAh battery that provides up to 12 hours of use, more than enough for a typical work shift. Each walkie talkie also includes a separate charging base, allowing for the batteries to be charged separately for maximum convenience.

2.Motorola T200TP Talkabout Radio

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Pros of the Motorola Talkabout MR350R

  • The Motorola MR350R has a built-in LED flashlight.
  • Large Buttons allow using the device with gloves.
  • Up to 23 hours of battery life.
  • The walkie-talkie withstands the weather to an extent rating of (IP51).
  • With 11 Weather channel integration and efficient emergency signal features.

Cons of the Motorola Talkabout MR350R

  • Motorola has stopped the production of the MR350R 2-way radio.
  • The belt clips of this radio set are rather fragile and can break easily.

Looking for the perfect two-way radio with long-range transmission capabilities? Look no further than the Motorola Talkabout MR350R! With a range that can cover up to 35 miles, you’ll be able to stay connected no matter where you are.This radio also operates on over 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, ensuring that your communication is always clear and of the highest quality. With dual bands that include both FRS and GMFRS, you’ll have even more channels to program and access.

Plus, you can stay up-to-date with the latest weather updates through the 11 NOAA channels you can connect to. And with a Ni-MH battery that can last for about 8 hours, you’ll have plenty of time to communicate without needing to stop and recharge.The Motorola Talkabout MR350R comes with an adapter and two rechargeable AA battery packs, making it easy and convenient to power up and stay connected. So why wait? Invest in the Motorola Talkabout MR350R and experience top-notch communication no matter where you are!

3.Cobra RX680 Waterproof Walkie Talkies

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Pros of the Cobra RX680

  • The Cobra RX680 has a small size.
  • It does not need a license to use.
  • The walkie-talkie has a built-in LED flashlight and an ultra-clear reception.

Cons of the Cobra RX680

  • It can be a bit pricey for some
  • The complexity of setting personalization if you wish to customize the device.

For those who love the outdoors, the Cobra RX680 two-way radio is a must-have. With a transmission range of up to 38 miles, you can stay connected with crystal-clear audio quality no matter where you are. This ensures that you can communicate with other security personnel even when you are far away from each other.

The Cobra RX680 comes with two belt clips that make it easy to carry around, either latched onto your bag or belt. It also includes a dock charger, lithium-ion batteries, and a micro USB cable. While maneuvering the device is pretty easy, you can always refer to the manual if you need assistance.

Let’s take a closer look at the device’s frequency. It operates at a standard 3 watts power and has a frequency within 462.550-467.7125 MHz. You can program up to 60 channels without needing to get a license, as it is already compliant with ISEDC. The device also supports up to 121 privacy codes, allowing for better transmission quality with less interference. The battery life is pretty standard, lasting up to 18 hours on a full charge. Plus, if the battery level is low, you can use the rechargeable battery that comes with the kit.

One convenient feature of the Cobra RX680 is its VOX feature or Voice Activated transmission. This allows you to communicate with other security personnel hands-free, making it easier for you to focus on the task at hand. The device also includes a microphone and speaker jack, ensuring that audio transmission quality is optimal.

The Cobra RX680 also has emergency call and VibrAlert capabilities. You can set the device to vibrate or silent mode and receive an alert for incoming calls with your preferred call tone. In case of an emergency, you can push the emergency button for about 3 seconds to signal other personnel. Additionally, the device includes an LED flashlight that is beneficial for power outages, asking for help, or during rescue operations.


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Pros of the Motorola CLS1110

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Ideal for labor-intensive businesses
  • Effective device for restaurants, hotels, schools, and retail stores
  • Reliable coverage
  • Rechargeable battery and long battery life
  • Convenient battery charging
  • Features cloning mode
  • Compatible with disposable batteries as a backup power source

Cons of the Motorola CLS1110

  • Not waterproof
  • Only one channel
  • No VOX
  • Not compatible with an earpiece
  • Can’t take for outdoor adventures

The Motorola CLS1110 is part of the CLS series of two-way radios known for being clear, light, and simple. It’s a popular choice for small to midsize businesses such as retail stores, hospitals, offices, and schools due to its excellent audio quality and range. Although it may seem expensive, it’s worth the investment. The CLS1110 is perfect for communicating within buildings and urban areas, ensuring secure and reliable communication.

This two-way radio has 56 frequency options with 38 analog sub-channels and 83 digital sub-channels. The lithium-ion battery is exceptional, providing up to 20 hours of usage, and alerts will notify you when the battery level is low. You can also charge the battery with the dock provided, and there’s a spare battery in case of emergencies.

To ensure clear communication, there are 122 privacy codes available, preventing unwanted feedback from other businesses in proximity. It’s essential to note that a license is required by the FCC for the use of UHF, as the CLS1110 uses this frequency. Failing to acquire a license may result in penalties of up to $5000 per walkie-talkie.The display provides useful information such as the battery level, lock indicators, channel, sub-channel, and signal strength. There are also sound alerts for incoming transmissions, received transmissions, and confirmation beeps. You can switch the keypad tones and lock the keypad when necessary.

5.Motorola Talkabout T800 Two-Way Radios

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If you’re in search of high-quality two-way radios, the Motorola Talkabout series is an excellent choice. With a range that can cover up to 35 miles and a battery that can last for up to 14 hours, these walkie-talkies are reliable and long-lasting. However, what sets them apart is their ability to connect to the Motorola Talkabout smartphone app, which offers communication options beyond push-to-talk. By linking your device to the app, you can send messages, locations, and other data over the radio frequencies. This feature is incredibly convenient and useful, particularly in situations where traditional communication methods may not be available or practical.

6.Wishouse Rechargeable Walkie Talkies

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  • Multiple charging options
  • Wearable lanyard and belt clip
  • Seven color set options


  • Changing the channels can be hard
  • Limited range

If you’re looking for a way to keep in touch with your children, these walkie-talkies designed for kids are an excellent option with features that are both child-friendly and safe. They include a built-in flashlight, as well as a wearable lanyard and belt clip, reducing the likelihood of them being misplaced.

To ensure that they are always powered, these walkie-talkies can be charged in a variety of ways, including using rechargeable AA batteries or the included USB charger. Additionally, you can establish individual privacy channels for your family’s use.

How to choose the Best Walkie Talkie for Security

Investing in two-way radios involves many factors before you can come up with the best one to purchase. Price should not only be your concern when your purchasing; you must look into their features, capability, and functions. Here’s a guide you must follow on how to choose the best two-way radio for security. Each factor below must be part of your research and decision-making to know which suits your needs.


When purchasing the highest quality walkie-talkies, it is vital to recognize the range of the product. Two-way radios rely on frequencies that are bound to the ultra-high frequency spectrum of 400-512 MHz. The best two-way radios can still work efficiently when all other choices of communication are not working. For most manufacturers, the range they put in is under conditions where there are no hindrances in the environment; hence there’s a difference when you use it in conditions where there are impediments in the environment. Obstructions can cause interference in the communication and quality of the transmission. Examples of these are weather conditions, concrete walls, buildings, trees, houses, etc. In my experience, digital walkie-talkies seem to have optimal range.

VHF and UHF Choices

When purchasing two-way radios, know if it’s VHF (Very High Frequency) walkie-talkie or UHF (Ultra High Frequency). VHR radios can still be efficiently used outdoors over king distances, while UHF performs well with no interference within the property or indoors. The waves can penetrate concrete walls in the building. UHF has shorter antennas compared to VHF two-way radios.

Channels available

Walkie-talkies that enable you to switch between different channels would give you more advantage to avoid interference among some channels. Having over 99 channels that come with distinct tones for each channel is your best choice when buying.

Power and Battery Life

The rule for walkie-talkies is that the higher the wattage, the more comprehensive the range, usually at the ratio of 1 mile of coverage per 1 watt of power. Though for some, the range can be lower because of weather conditions and hindrances. Compared to cell phones, two-way radios have longer battery life. Look for those brands that at least can last for 8-12 hours and a long-lasting backup once the battery is depleted. Having a good battery life allows longer communication within the security team or any person within the organization.

Apart from this, check the kind of batteries used in the two-way radios. More recent and updated walkie-talkies are equipped with Li-ion (lithium-ion) batteries, which have longer battery life. Some are made with NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride), which is more expensive but preferred by many since it’s shock-resistant, durable, and charges faster. The only downside is their sensitivity to high temperatures, diminishing the battery life with continuous use.

Materials used

Always look at the durability and sturdiness of the materials used in making the walkie-talkies. Make sure that it is shock-proof and damage-resistant. Radios made with materials that are water and dustproof are essential. Look for walkie-talkies made to last so you won’t have to encounter communication problems, especially in emergencies where there are impediments in the environment or place like flooding, construction sites, and challenging terrains.

Additional Features to Look For

From my experience of purchasing and reviewing products, it’s essential to look at features that make the item more useful and valuable. For walkie talkies, some of which I deem necessary and beneficial are the following:

  • Noise-canceling feature
  • Vibration feature
  • Two-way radios that come with privacy codes
  • Walkie talkies with keystroke alert or lock to avoid typing in mistakes
  • Microphone jack for speaker or microphone
  • LCD screen that is backlit for more straightforward navigation in areas with no light
  • Notification or incoming transmission alerts
  • Walkie-talkies allow you to save frequently-used channels

Why should I use a Walkie Talkie as a Security Guard?

Many types of businesses hire security personnel as part of their company’s security framework. Security guards mainly do round-the-clock patrols, monitor surveillance systems, address security disturbances, secure and inspect the property, employees, clients, and the public. For them to execute their duties efficiently, a sound communication system must be established.

One proven and tested way is the use of walkie-talkies. Two-way radios are practical tools for the security staff to do their duties and responsibilities in securing the property and the people within. Using these handy devices enables security officers to be called when their assistance is required and lets them interact with each other as they perform their regular activities. Not only can you have effective communication within the department, but you can also take and use it in areas with low or zero mobile network coverage. The use of walkie-talkies allows security guards to respond to emergency cases in real-time, making the response rapid and accurate.

How did we choose these walkie-talkies?

We know there are a lot of walkie-talkies to choose from, so we combed through popular sites reading reviews (both good and bad) and noting the top-rated walkie-talkies for different categories/needs. We considered price, size, and special features when making our final picks.

What is walkie-talkie range?

The range of a walkie-talkie is the distance that two walkie-talkies can work between each other. The range varies considerably based on obstructions. For example, if you’re in a heavily wooded area or an urban area with lots of buildings, the range will be less than if you were in an open field.

The maximum range listed on most walkie-talkies is the number if there were no obstructions, so expect less range than this number when using your walkie-talkie in an average setting.

Can you have a private conversation on a walkie talkie?

With the use of data encryption and a secure channel, you can safely and privately communicate in your organization without any interference from any in-range radios.

Can walkie talkies be hacked?

For officers and others in public safety and security who depend on their two‑way radios as a lifeline, the news that they can be hacked can be very disturbing. There’s no magic formula, but even as hacking increases, the technology designed to keep frequencies secure and safe is evolving.

Are walkie talkies safer than cell phones?

Two way radios have twice the battery power of cell phones, giving you the reliability you need. Reliable communication is imperative in emergency situations. With fast connections, longer battery life and greater durability, two way radios are the only safe choice in emergencies.

Is two way radio traceable?

The networks rely on radio frequency, not an internet connection and radio frequencies can be hard to trace through GPS but it’s not impossible. Two-way radios traceability can be seen as a negative, but it also can be used to a company’s advantage to allow you to trace your employees whereabouts.

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