The difference between the Chinese range hood and European range hood

Depending on the culture of food and methods of cooking, there are two kinds of range hoods made; European and Chinese. The Chinese ones can be used in an environment where a lot of stir-frying is done while the European type suits simple cooking better. Can I use a Chinese range hood? Are Chinese range hoods any good? What’s the difference between them This article will help answer these questions for you in case you have been wondering about it.

How about a Chinese range hood

The range hood design collects smoke in a large space. The type of smoker is direct suction. It consists of a field with a high-power motor and a large smoke-collecting chamber. Also, it has a big turbine. The device is simple, economical, and lightweight. It works by letting the rising oil smoke form globules and then flow out through an oil net. This product is good at absorbing vapour therefore best for families that mostly do deep frying. Compared with European range hoods which have 200 power units, a Chinese-style range hood of 168-power is more effective at fume extraction. Hence a European range hood should be rated at not less than 200 power units. In comparison, the Chinese-style range hood is more energy-efficient than the European-style range hood. However, the noise is loud, it is easy to meet, dripping oil, the oil fume is not clean, the oil fume is not separated, it will pollute the surrounding environment to a certain extent, and it is inconvenient to clean.

The difference between the Chinese range hood and the European range hood

European style range hood

European range hoods are designed for the cooking styles of European and American countries. In Europe and America, less oil fume is produced when cooking so a small displacement range hood would be enough. This is also one reason why most kitchen cupboards in Europe and America are open. European hoods aim at separating grease particles from the air, reducing noise during operation, saving energy, and being eco-friendly but they are not very effective in trapping oil mist.

  • Oil fume extraction effect: The principle is a cyclic ascending type, single turbine, slight smoke collecting bin and no smoke collecting bin, and multi-layer thick mesh plates are superimposed—the primary trend of hoods.
  • Appearance: The appearance is stunning and fashionable, there are various fabric options, and the switch can be selected in the style of the mechanical switch and touch switch, which increases the highlight of the kitchen, and the technique is relatively novel.
  • Installation requirements: From the perspective of installation position, it is a “ceiling type” range hood, the size is generally 800MM – 900MM, open kitchen or larger kitchen, you can choose, and can match with most cabinets, It is a “ceiling type” range hood.

Chinese range hood

Chinese range hoods operate the same way as their European counterparts. A turbine rotates and absorbs the oil fume to the fume exit, then passes through the filter screen into the oil-collecting cup, and a small amount of smoke goes out through the exhaust (chimney). Chinese cooking is characterized by large amounts of oily fumes due to the design of the two types according to their eating habits. Therefore, it usually uses high-power motors, large turbines, big smoke-collecting grooves as well as single-layer smoke boxes while focusing on strong fire with much oil. The design of the European range covers focuses on the engine. Moderate power, double turbine, slight smoke collecting chamber and no smoke containing section, multi-layer thick mesh plate superposition. Therefore, in terms of the ability to absorb oil fumes, Chinese-style ones are more suitable for the needs of Chinese people. However, the oil fume is not separated, which will pollute the surrounding environment to a certain extent.

  • Fume extraction effect: It is a deep suction hood, generally using a high-power motor, with a large fume collecting chamber and a large turbine, which is a direct suction type, which can first gather the rising oil fume together, and then pass through the oil net. Expel the fumes; the effect of fumes is good, and it is more suitable for Chinese families who often fry and fry.
  • Energy-saving effect: The Chinese-style range hood with a power of 168 is even better than the European-style 200-power range, so the lowest power of the European-style field is also around 200. In comparison, the Chinese-style range hood is more energy-saving than the European-style range hood.
  • Installation requirements: From the perspective of installation position, it is a “ceiling type” range hood, the size is generally 700MM-750MM, suitable for families with tiny kitchens, the requirements for cabinets are relatively small, and the size is right; the price problem: production materials The cost is low and the production process is pretty simple.

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