Top 7 Best Car Keychains of 2023 (Reviews)

Top 7 Best Car Keychains of 2023

Many people don’t think of a keychain as something they need, but a good keychain can make everyday tasks like unlocking your car much easier. The best keychains offer improved functionality, intuitive design, and those personal touches to fit each individual’s needs. All of the keychains featured in this article are top-of-the-line and extremely high-quality.

Let’s stop and think about our keys for a moment. They aren’t mankind’s best creation. Not only are they bulky, they’re painful to put back into our pockets. And whoever claims that they haven’t lost their keys once or twice is straight-up lying!

Top 7 Best Car Keychains of 2023: Our Top Picks

Best Metal Car KeychainLancher Key Chain
Best Leather Car KeychainHephis Heavy Duty Key Chain Bottle Opener
Best Metal Car KeychainCool Wrist Lanyard Strap for Men & Women
Best Key Ring Car KeychainShe’s Birdie
Best Leather Car KeychainHephis Heavy Duty Key Chain Bottle Opener
Best Couple Car Keychain2 Pack ELV Self Retractable ID Badge Holder Key Reel
Best Keychain for WomanCoolcos Key Ring Bracelet
otherKeySmart Classic

The keychains below have been subjected to rigorous testing following unbiased research conducted by our team of experts. While we stand by our recommendations, we encourage you to conduct your own research to find a keychain that suits your needs.

Top1.Lancher Key Chain

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Key Features

  • One simple press to detach or clip minimizes daily frustration when attempting to access keys
  • Keychain is anti-scratch and rust resistant
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Double pack of keychains made of high-quality stainless steel and ABS
  • Package includes two extra key rings

More often than not, it’s the simple items that do the best. And Lancher’s Black Key Chain is one of the aforementioned. With one simple clip, your keys will be attached or detached from your belt loops: none of this getting frustrated trying to disengage your keys nonsense! And if you want to keep more than your house keys on this keychain, the company have included two extra key chains to help you out.

Although Lancher’s creation comes with a five-year warranty, the anti-scratch and rust-resistant keychain will remain in stellar condition for years to come – as long as you look after it properly. Its long-lasting durability isn’t a surprise, given the keychain is made of practically indestructible stainless steel and ABS. So, if you’re looking to make mornings more stress-free, Lancher have the product for you.

Top2.Hephis Heavy Duty Key Chain Bottle Opener

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Key Features

  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Made from zinc alloy
  • Integrated keychain ring

The Hephis Heavy Duty Keychain is our team’s pick as the Best Overall keychain. While our product testing team recognizes that the best keychain comes from more of a qualitative perspective than a quantitative one, we felt this keychain was a step ahead of its competitors. This keychain is made from eco-friendly materials, most notably zinc alloy for the body of the keychain.

Being made from zinc alloy means it is corrosion-resistant, incredibly durable, and won’t rust over time. This carabiner keychain’s most notable keychain accessory is its attached keychain bottle opener. Additionally, the keychain ring is integrated into the structure so you won’t have to worry about losing your house keys.

Top3.Cool Wrist Lanyard Strap for Men & Women

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Key Features

  • Quirky and colorful lanyard available in over twenty different designs
  • Sleek and functional lanyards constructed from durable polyester and leather
  • A lanyard to match your personality!
  • Slim design looks less clunky than other average lanyards
  • Small keychain encourages user to only keep essentials

Minimalists, listen up. We’ve recently discovered Thread Wallet’s stunning wrist lanyards and are completely and utterly obsessed. These beautiful lanyards bring out your personality and personal tastes in an office environment whilst encouraging you to lose the countless separate keys and only keep the essentials.

Available in over twenty original designs, the lanyards are all constructed from high-quality polyester and leather to maintain durability. Plus, the slim fit design looks less ungainly than the other, bulkier models often seen around the office. All in all, investing in one of these beauties will encourage you to be creative and constructive at the same time.

Top4.She’s Birdie

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Key Features

  • 125.0 dB. safety alarm
  • Strobe light
  • Replaceable batteries

Made for women by women, the She’s Birdie Original Personal Safety Alarm is our team’s choice as Best For Self Defense. Every single keychain from She’s Birdie is hand-tested to ensure its functionality, and five percent of She’s Birdie’s profits go directly to their partner organizations to support women’s safety, shelter, and health. As keychains are a common gift idea, this makes for a great gift for the women in your life.

This keychain’s most prominent features are its strobe light and 125.0 dB. safety alarm. When threatened, you can activate your keychain’s siren and strobe light simultaneously by removing the top pin. To deactivate the light and alarm, simply replace the top pin. The safety features can be used time and time again for up to 40 continual minutes. It should be noted that the batteries are replaceable once your keychain dies.

Top5.Hephis Heavy Duty Key Chain Bottle Opener

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Key Features

  • Made of high-grade, polished chrome plated zinc alloy
  • Comes with full twelve-month warranty as well as fourteen-day money back guarantee
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Available in five different colors
  • Perfect for adding keychain wallet to keys easily

Are you always jealous of guys who naturally keep their keys and their wallet in the same place? With a little help, you can do so too. Maycom’s little keychain carabiner – made from durable, chrome plated zinc alloy – looks good and performs well too.

This nifty accessory comes with a full twelve-month warranty and a fourteen-day money back guarantee. It comes exactly as described; with a diverse selection of five different colors to choose from and a lightweight, compact design. You won’t be hearing any complaints from us anytime soon!

Top6.2 Pack ELV Self Retractable ID Badge Holder Key Reel

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The ELV Self Retractable ID Badge Holder is a multitool of sorts. This keychain will hold key fobs, keys, and work ID badges in one convenient place through the retractable badge holder. The hook design featured on the keychain means you can attach small tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, or even a pocket knife.

The keychain is built to last as it features a carabiner crafted from premium metal, a strong laminated steel cord, and a reinforced closure to prevent the retractable cord from breaking. Additionally, the keychain is designed with a durable Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) casing that’s impact-resistant and weatherproof. This high-quality keychain stands out from cheaper badge holders by featuring a smooth and silent cord pull.

Top7.KeySmart Classic

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Key Features

  • Available in black, blue, and red
  • Built with aircraft aluminum frames and stainless-steel hardware
  • Patented S-shape design keeps keys compactly together
  • No tools required for assemblage
  • Lightweight and discreet key holder makes keys stay quiet

KeySmart’s Compact Key Holder and Keychain Organizer not only makes your keys look smart; it will make you look smarter too. The device allows you to swap keys around at the turn of a screw if your keys change priority. And once they’re organized, the patented S-shape design will keep them together.

Constructed from incredibly lightweight aircraft aluminum, the durability of this model isn’t all this nifty accessory has to offer. You can even store your data on an included memory stick in your keychain organizer! Its ingenious design really puts the Smart into Keysmart.

Top8.Coolcos Key Ring Bracelet

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  •   Easy to wear
  •   Easy to remove
  •   Multipurpose
  •   Vegan


  •   Not durable

The Coolcos Key Ring Bracelet features reinforced connection and vegan leather with tassel hardware to offer great style and durability. This bracelet keychain can be worn on your wrist or attached to a bag to keep your keys handy and in place. It fits easily on any wrist size for a hands-free experience, and its clasp allows you to remove and take out keys without any hassle.

Keychain Buyers Guide

Even with multiple testing categories, it’s rather difficult to judge what is the “best” keychain. Throughout our testing, our team members all brought up the fact that the best keychain is ultimately what works best for you. Whether you prefer to carry your keychain on your belt loop, in a purse, or stuffed in your pocket, a keychain has to fit your needs.

At the end of the day, keychains are mostly judged for their visual appeal or fashionability. Our product testing team recommends doing a little research of your own rather than solely trusting our guide to the best keychains. We say this as there may be keychains that better suit your personal preferences than those we listed in this article, however, all of the keychains in this article have our product test team’s stamp of approval.

Keychain Testing Process

All of the keychains in this review have been through two rounds of testing. The first round involved our team members thoroughly researching this type of product using Amazon, taking into account customer reviews, price, and several other factors.

The second round of testing consisted of testing each of our five keychains against the following criteria:

  • Design: The design of a keychain is what fundamentally differentiates this type of product from one another. How many keys the keychain will hold and other factors such as the number of features on the keychain were all considered during our design evaluation.
  • Portability: Portability is amongst the most important traits of a keychain. We tested how well the keychain clipped onto a belt loop and how it fit in the pocket with keys attached.
  • Durability: Everyone at some point in their life has dropped their keys or knocked them off a table. With this in mind, our team members dropped each keychain from waist height on concrete 20 times to observe how each handled repeated impact.

Are keychains popular?

Keychains are definitely popular. Most people use a keychain to keep their keys organized and in one place and the best keychains offer both functionality and appealing design.

What do you put on keychains?

Keychains are most commonly used to hold keys. Keychains offer a convenient and effective way to store home and car keys in one place.

What is the difference between a key fob and a keychain?

A key fob is, unlike a key chain, connected directly to the key ring. That means it is made from: a key ring. a fob, which can be anything connected directly to a key ring.

Are keychains popular?

Keychains are definitely popular. Most people use a keychain to keep their keys organized and in one place and the best keychains offer both functionality and appealing design.

How much should I sell keychains for?

Normally keychain retail prices range from $7 – $20. Pricing should depend on the base cost of your keychains and how much you think your audience will pay for this custom product. For example, you source 1,000 keychains with a base cost of $2.80 each. You pay $2,800 total.

What is a good keychain size?

For best results we suggest keeping the design as simple as possible. Less is more when personalizing your own keychains. Many customers forget that the average keychain size is only 1″X2″ in size. Product includes a large 1″ and one small 1/2″ ring.

Can car keys be tracked?

For any vehicle that has a key that promotes keyless entry and push to start features, your key is very much trackable to anyone near you. Your key emits a signal that can be traced and even hijacked and duplicated to break into your car.

How do thieves find car keys?

Thieves use electronic car key relay boxes, putting one near your home to receive signals coming from your car key fob through the walls or windows. This first box then boosts the signal to a second device near the car, to trick it into registering the key as nearby and unlocking the doors.

Where should I keep my car keys at night?

Even if your car doesn’t have keyless entry, you should keep your keys away from the letterbox. Devices, such as long wire hooks, can be put through the letterbox and used to grab your car keys. If you have a porch, don’t hang your keys in there.

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