What are the functions of a tablet?

What are the functions of a tablet?

What is the use of a tablet computer? A tablet computer, also called a portable computer, is a small, portable personal computer that uses a touch screen as a primary input device. So what are the functions of the tablet computer? Next, it mainly explains the six additional parts of the tablet computer: reading, memorizing words, calculator, alarm clock, reminder, shorthand and address book, multimedia functions, and games. Next, let’s look at tablet computers’ uses and functions.

What are the functions of a tablet?

What is a tablet?

A tablet computer, also called a portable computer, is a small, portable personal computer with a touch screen as the primary input device. It has a touchscreen (also known as tablet technology) that allows users to work with a stylus or digital pen instead of a traditional keyboard or mouse. Users can enter via built-in handwriting recognition, an on-screen soft keyboard, voice recognition, or a real keyboard (if the model is equipped).

Tablet computers were proposed by Bill Gates and should support chip architectures from X86 (Intel, AMD) and ARM. Tablet computers are divided into ARM architecture and X86 architecture. The latter X86 architecture tablet computers generally use Intel processors and Windows operating systems. Complete computer and tablet functions, support exe program.

The rapid growth of communication technology accompanies the development of the tablet computer. As an emerging technology, CDMA and CDMA2000 are rapidly becoming popular worldwide and occupy 18% of the wireless market. As of 2012, the number of CDMA2000 users worldwide has exceeded 256 million, and 156 operators in 70 countries have commercialized 3G CDMA services. From the concept product of the tablet PC proposed by Microsoft, the tablet PC is a PC that does not need a flip, has no keyboard, is small enough to fit in a woman’s handbag, but has complete functions.

Tablet PC Uses and Functions

1. Reading

In the past, when there were trivial matters on many occasions, I often wanted to charge and read books. Still, computer books are generally thicker, which is inconvenient to carry around. Now, with PDA, we can read it anytime and anywhere. The number of books stored in a PDA&PPC is related to your machine’s memory capacity. Usually, except for standard software, it is no problem to install a dozen books, and there is no problem. Will add weight. There are many free ebook resources available online that can be easily found. There is also a lot of reading software. QED is a very famous and easy-to-use E-BOOK software, and the program is tiny. The PPC series also has Microsoft’s display enhancement technology, which does not seem so different from reading an electronic screen and an ordinary book. Of course, it is not clear to see the screen of a PDA under intense light (such as sunlight), but who would always read a book in the sun…

2. Backwords

Learning English follows the principle of any time, anywhere, and memorizing words is no exception. Generally speaking, there is not much software for memorizing words, which has much to do with foreigners not needing to learn words.

3. Calculator

With PDA, your size calculator can be idle. In the current PALM and WINCE platforms, many excellent ordinary calculators, scientific calculators, engineering calculators, and professional calculator software have accumulated. It feels pretty good to use. Great value and 90% free.

4. Alarm clock, reminder, shorthand, and address book

This function is not big or small, at least for me. It is my nature to forget more and less, and I often forget to do one thing. I have used the efficiency manual for a period, which feels too cumbersome, impractical, and wasteful. Using the PDA to record any data at work, arrange a trip, and remind the event is beneficial. And can register at any time; there are PDA automatic adjustment reminders, relatively derived functions, and project tracking management. Whether the PALM series or the PPC series, there is a gap in the way of reminders. The better reminder function is PALM M100 (loud bell, with separate clock display) and the PPC series.

5. Multimedia function

The PPC series at present have realized this function, and the PALM series can also be recognized through accessories but need to be purchased separately. I’m a person who can’t live without music, and I agree with the saying, “music can even quell wars.” Listening to some music while you are busy is very good for regulating your mood and emotions. Your work will naturally go smoothly when you are in a good mood. MP3 and WMA music can be played on all PPC series machines, and most PPCs are provided with high-quality earphones. The playback quality is no different from that of an ordinary MP3 player but limited by the capacity; there are not many songs that can be installed (generally 2 to 3 pieces), depending on your machine’s memory capacity. Currently, most models support Additional storage devices, such as IBM’s 1GB MICRO DRIVER.

6. Games

Games are a unique feature on PDAs. My personal opinion: games on a PDA can’t be played without. The games that can be played at present, PALM, have the absolute upper hand, and the games developed for PALM are several times that of WINCE. And there are a lot of color games that have emerged recently. The more famous ones on PALM are Airplane, Booty2000, MiserMind, etc. There are famous ones, such as Monopoly on WINCE, but some excellent games must be charged.

And the most important one: there is a GB emulator on the PDA; that’s enough; countless games are waiting for you.

Finally, some valuable functions include spreadsheet, personal finance, fax, electronic map, horoscope fortune-telling, remote control, database management, etc. There are too many, and how you use them is up to you.

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What are the functions of tablet computers?

1. Weight and dimensions: Most tablet PCs today are at least 0.5 inches thick (about 1.27 cm) and weigh about 1.5 pounds (about 681 grams). But for long-term use, the ultimate tablet should weigh only 1 pound (454 grams) and be another 0.1 inches thick (roughly the thickness of an iPhone 4).

2. Anti-glare screen: Current tablet PCs allow users to have a very comfortable viewing experience for movies and photos indoors. But once in bright light outside, the iPad’s screen suddenly turns into an expensive mirror. The ultimate tablet needs better anti-glare features; at least, an anti-glare coating should be available to users.

3. Bracket design: Some smartphones on the market have a bracket design, which is convenient to support and fix the device. Adding a stand to your tablet is a breeze.

4. USB interface: To facilitate use, users often need to connect a keyboard, mouse, thumb memory, or other peripheral devices to the tablet computer. So the ultimate tablet needs to have a standard USB interface design.

5. HDMI: Users can enjoy a comfortable experience when watching TV, movies, home videos, or photos on the tablet. But users need a more straightforward and standard High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) to get the same viewing experience on a larger display.

6. Standard internet functionality: The ultimate tablet must support open-source internet standards, including HTML5, Flash, and javascript.

7. Instant Start: One of the most significant advantages of iPad and new Android tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab, compared to previous Windows tablet devices is the instant start function, which is as easy and fast to start as a mobile phone. If it can have an instant start function, windows7 will probably become a member of the tablet operating system.

8. Dual front and rear cameras: If you’ve ever used a tablet to say goodnight to your two-year-old from 3,000 miles away, then you’d think the front-facing camera is convenient and a must-have for your tablet. The tablet must also be equipped with a rear camera for everyday shooting.

9. Unified and open video system: With the rapid development of social media, including video chat, all social media devices need a unified and open video system. Tablets should lead the way here.

10. Support IP printing: Most employees use tablet computers when they work, and they all hope to realize IP printing functions directly through the tablet without resorting to third-party application software externally connected to the computer.

Tablets for Kids

Beyond entertainment and gaming functions, a tablet can be a powerful educational tool for your children.

It is possible for learning to take place outside the classroom and can even be integrated into their leisure time.

There are applications so that children can learn to program or work with resources that are of interest to them.

After consultation with the teachers, there are also specific sites that can be used to accompany and reinforce what they learn in school.

We tell you which are the best tablets for the youngest of the house.

Tablet with chip

If you don’t like to carry a lot of devices, a good option is to buy a tablet with a chip for a mobile phone signal.

Keep in mind that when a technology brand launches a high-end or mid-range tablet, there is never a lack of a version of it with mobile connectivity, which is usually compatible with 5G LTE networks.

If this interests you, there are some basic questions to keep in mind:

  • First of all, a tablet with 5G will always be more expensive than the same model in a WiFi-only variant.
  • On the other hand, there is no use having mobile connectivity in the device if you do not have a SIM card. For this, you have two options: request a duplicate of your cell phone chip or hire a new line, which will generate an extra monthly cost.
  • Remember that this is only necessary if you need to have a telephone signal on the Tablet. If not, you can use it ideally with the WiFi signal.

How to Use Mobile Internet on your Tablet

Taking advantage of the WiFi connectivity of the tablets, you can connect them with other devices that connect to a mobile phone network. We tell you how to do it:

  • The first step is to create an access point on the cell phone. To do this, you will have to enter “Settings” and click on “Internet and Networks” (or a similar name, depending on the phone you have). Once there, click on “WiFi Zone and connection”. To complete this step, you must enable the “Portable WiFi Zone” function.
  • Next, you must go to “Configure WiFi zone”, where the option to change the network’s name and establish an access password will appear.
  • Now you have to go to the Tablet. Access “Settings”, “Wireless Connections” and activate the WiFi. Then go to “WiFi Settings” and connect to the access point that you generated on the cell phone.
  • Now it will ask you for the password you generated. You have to type it and then click on “OK”. Clever!

Tablet Accessories

There are more and more accessories to look, protect or increase the potential of your equipment. Some options:

Protective covers

To adequately protect your equipment, the most advisable thing is to have a protective cover or shell for a tablet. In this way, you will take care of both the screen and the outer back cover.


When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, he commented that there was no better or more natural pointer than the index finger.

However, technology has advanced and has given us a specific pen for tablets that allow us to take handwritten notes in PDF documents, make drawings and even retouch photos with incredible precision.

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Benefits & Features of a Tablet PC

Mobile professionals who find themselves on the road frequently will find tablets easier and lighter to transport and sufficient for most everyday tasks. Customize your tablet and extend its capabilities by downloading third-party apps to match your business needs.


Tablets are generally less functional that laptops, so the hardware prices are also typically less. Electronics retailer Best Buy sells tablets for as little as $70, although models that have more laptop-like characteristics retail for $1,000 or more. Overall cost of ownership is less than a laptop, partly due to the cheaper cost of third-party applications. Many applications that run on smartphones also run on tablets — these applications can cost pennies on the dollar compared to their desktop counterparts.


Tablets are far more portable than laptops. Most models are less than a half inch thick and weigh less than two pounds, Business Computing World notes. At this size, they fit easily into messenger bags and briefcases, making an extra computer bag unnecessary. Using a tablet is easier because the device can be held in one hand and operated with the other, and since they are generally less powerful than the standard laptop, the battery lasts much longer.

Touch Screen

The tablet’s interface works through touch. The finger is used to tap on the screen to click buttons and other user interface elements instead of using a mouse. Multi-finger gestures allow the user to perform more complex functions such as zooming in and out, swiping between applications quickly or returning to the home screen. Experts say touch allows the user to navigate in a more intuitive way.


Tablets are less intrusive in a workspace. Since the tablet is flat, it can be laid on the table like a piece of paper or held in the lap and will be barely visible. In addition, using the touchscreen is silent, compared to the clicking and clacking of typical keyboard and mouse activity on a PC. The tablet’s ability to blend into its surroundings makes it a great note-taking or reference tool for meetings, disrupting the concentration of those around you less than would a PC.

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